The Dollar Business

Dignitas Digital Review – Trump’s Presidency could be beneficial for Indian IT Industry.

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Hottest Company in New Delhi

Dignitas Digital is rewarded as the Hottest Company in New Delhi in 2016.

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Cannes Young Lions

Cannes Young Lions is an event happening every year at Cannes Film Festival. This year 2016 saw the event happening in Print, Media and Marketers.

With Dignitas being eligible for Marketers category, the team presented a holistic marketing plan for a problem statement.

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Exhibit Hottest 100 Tech Startups 2014 by exhibit

Myish was featured amongst the top 100 tech startups by the famous technology publication Exhibit Magazine

Read more… – A social review platform made after a breakup story

“It was a couple of years back, when I was planning to take my girlfriend out on our two year anniversary date.

Read more… – The World’s First Photo Sharing Review Network, Made in India, the world’s first photo-sharing review network, goes live today to engage you in reviewing, following and liking stuff, and getting rewarded for it.

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‘Myish’ World’s First Photo Sharing Review Network Launched

Yesterday, the world’s first photo-sharing review network, goes live yesterday, The name ‘Myish’ revolves around the word ‘Ish’, which means stuff, which ultimately means Myish stands for “My stuff”.

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What’s your ‘ish’? wants to know

I’m always intrigued by the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs are those people who have passionate ideas that they just need to see shared and commercialized into action.

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Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi/NCR

Digital marking is the growing trend in India for promoting products and services digitally. Being a volatile and impulsive industry, digital marketing giving a way to market and advertise products for millions of people using internet around the world.

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50 Cool Startups of the Year 2014

The innovative startups nowadays don’t hesitate to push the boundaries and explore new areas in their domains rather than frittering away their precious times in carbon-copying existing ideas.

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