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Why we like everything in a “Top 10 format”

There is a weird pattern that we have noticed in the web content consumption of the Indian audience and how suddenly every content generating house has aligned itself according to that interest. One of the reasons behind ScoopWhoop’s success is…

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The difference between a Mediocre and an Excellent Business Analyst

A young business analyst walked out of the meeting room wearing an expression of guilt and regret, it was evident that the skype meeting with the client did not go well, he sat on his desk and contemplated for a…

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Conditional firing of events using JavaScript

You have beautifully built a grid in your web application and not only this you have given custom features in your grid that have the ability to add and delete the dynamic data, to test the same you refresh the…

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The Untapped Market of Social Sector and the Fortune it Holds for Future Entrepreneurs

Market penetration is the key behind the success of any Business Model or Product, Seeing it from the domestic point of view, we as future entrepreneurs can safely say that we are lucky to be in a country that has…

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How to assemble an efficient sprint team to achieve the impossible

How to Assemble an Efficient Sprint Team to Achieve the Impossible

Ocean’s eleven starring George Clooney and brad Pitt is one of the all time great caper movies. In the film Danny Ocean an ex con player summons a band of criminals who had a career being con artists. They come…

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An unconventional trick to viral Blogging

We all know the importance of writing relatable content, be it blogs writing or video writing, relatable situations and content instantly find a soft spot with readers. But an articulate keen observation at all the times is not possible. Here…

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Content that makes your clients happy

Brand integration in YouTube channels has become the new Mecca for Brand Promotion, and justifiably so, the kind of youth followership these channels attract are no where bear to what Daily soaps do. We have compiled a list of top…

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Sprint Is All About Making You Work The Smart Way And Here Is How

An organization or even an individual on an atomic level can start a sprint when you’re not sure what to do, or struggling to get started. It basically encourages you to pick a big fight and handle the enemy in…

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How To Be The Next Youtube Sensation

The need to be known and appreciated has always been a quest for an artist, fortunately this pinnacle is made more reachable with Social Media, especially in this age where you don’t need to be Bollywood star to be the…

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Responsive Web Design

Imagine a website that performs on a desktop but runs an errand on the mobile screen, obviously your user experience undergoes a big turn off. In the last few years, the number of mobile users and devices has grown exponentially….

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