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Date Time format for an ICS File using C#

The most important part of this task is getting the format for the date and time correct. There is a specific format needed for an ICS file, if the format is not correct then current date time is the default…

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Building Client Agency Relationships using Adaptive Survey Calling

Introduction The following research was conducted and concluded at the office of Dignitas Digital Pvt Ltd. and was carried out from the 10th Feb to 10th March, The research included participants to conduct a client survey calls and observe the…

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How to Never Compromise on Your Quality Services and Budget

Needless to say Business Development is the toughest battle a Start-up faces especially with a soaring Client budget and a plethora of other factors like the “The perfect Pitch”, “One hell of a proposal”, “Client servicing” and much more. Through…

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The Danger Words of any Business Presentation

There are many words we are tempted to use in our presentation that we often think can add credibility, But in most cases they simply trite and overused. If you use one of these make sure you can back these…

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Who is the Coach Carter of your Million Dollar Start Up?

Look at any competitive sports movie, be it Boxing, Basket Ball the most important role is not played by the protagonist or the Villain but their coach. Here is how a general sports based movie unfolds, the hero is a…

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How to Generate Audience and Business Friendly Content

In the last section of this Blog we highlighted the honorable content makers who not only managed to attract an audience base but also make their clients happy by developing and multiplying their business with your content. This is not…

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The Secret Recipe for Excellent Project Management

As straight forward as it sounds the job of a project manager is the one of the most challenging in an organization, especially in a startup. The Project Manager will at all the times be under the pressure to not…

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Programming: The Legal Hack to Instant Success

It was a dull evening just like any other, a boy with reddish hair ran out of school to his house, he looked like he was bullied there were tears on the verge of his eyelids, the 12-year-old boy had…

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Baby steps behind Python Development

The streets were rinsed in Christmas lights and people flocked to the market enjoying the Christmas spirit and a recent post graduate of Mathematics and Computers from the university of Amsterdam was flipping through the channels of his newly bought…

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The Unconventional Trick that will Make You The Most Followed Blogger in the Market

With the ever increasing base of the blogger community, it is understandable that the lone writer in you can lack motivation to start. But the good news is, that despite being practiced in such a huge scale good blogging/writing still…

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