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5 things that should be a part of your Social Media Strategy

Social media has turned into a behemoth industry. There is so much that everybody is doing that at times, it all seems like chaos. When smaller, startup brands see the interactions that the bigger brands are getting, they get overwhelmed…

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Blogging is the new Journalism?

With bloggers becoming main stream (lately in the Indian market), we have seen some entrepreneurs involved in spats with the whole blogging community.  Some questioning their credibility and their opinions. Blogging and Journalism are like apples and oranges, they are…

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7 Steps for “How to rank your website on the first page of Google”

They say that a person who clicks for the second page on a Google search results page must be really desperate. The line above has become true even if it was not earlier. With search engines getting smarter and people…

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Simple things misunderstood in Digital Marketing

We are in a day and age where digital marketing has proven to be as important as conventional marketing, even more in some cases. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies and millions of digital marketers out there who strive…

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Facebook CTA

Call to Action button for Facebook Pages

While doing our routine management for our Facebook pages, I noted a new notification on a couple of our pages that prompted me to create a “Call to Action” Button on a Facebook page. This is a relatively new feature…

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Do you need Digital Marketing Initiatives?

With Digital Marketing being an affordable medium to advertise, a lot of small companies are venturing into this space. With the rise in popularity of search engine advertising through Google and Bing, the advent of social media advertising and the…

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