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3 Useful Power BI Features You Might Not Know About

Power BI is an extremely powerful data and visualization tool. It is a really easy to use BI tool. But beyond the easy to use interface that you see there are a lot of hidden features that PowerBI has. 1….

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How DAX can Optimize Power BI Reports

Current Architecture The reports designed in PowerBI are built upon a dataset. All these these reports have their independent datasets. A dataset is a collection of data that you import or connect to. Power BI lets you connect to and…

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Check this out!

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Power BI: The Revolutionary Data Analytics tool

What is Data Analytics and why do we use it? Data Analytics (DA) is the way toward looking at informational collections keeping in mind the end goal to make inferences about the data they contain, progressively with the guide of…

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Creating a Hyperlink in a Telerik Grid Text Editor

Developers usually practice usage of native code to handle problems; this at times drastically increases the line of code. Hence at times it is advisable to use non native techniques to figure out a solution keeping in mind the cleanliness…

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Why Ad-block is Blocking your ‘Non-Ad’ Content

Adblock is an incredible tool to block the ad content on your browsers, for the users of course. If you have the ads running, you can spot the ad block and can force the visitors of your website to switch…

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The difference between a Mediocre and an Excellent Business Analyst

A young business analyst walked out of the meeting room wearing an expression of guilt and regret, it was evident that the skype meeting with the client did not go well, he sat on his desk and contemplated for a…

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Sprint Is All About Making You Work The Smart Way And Here Is How

An organization or even an individual on an atomic level can start a sprint when you’re not sure what to do, or struggling to get started. It basically encourages you to pick a big fight and handle the enemy in…

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How To Prevent Your Machine From Hanging In The Case Of Rapid Server Requests Using Debounce

Suppose we have a Sign up form, and we are validating the Email asynchronously on key press event (Any arbitrarily selected event), Now every time the user presses a particular key a request is sent to the server. Problem Condition…

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How to Trace Your Mails Info through Zapier

One of the challenge that we had was to trace the incoming mails of a company. The mails were orders from their customers and there were multiple Customer Service Representatives(CSR) taking care of it. All these CSRs had their respective…

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