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How to work with timezones in ics files using C Sharp

An ICS file is a calendar file saved in Universal Calendar Format used by Email and Calendar Programs including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar. It empowers clients to distribute and share Calendar Information on the web and over…

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Visual Studio finally makes its red carpet MAC Entry

Recently we came across the much awaiting news that Visual Studio was just launched for public. Took a long time coming. Just to get started we created a sample project and sure it worked fine and fast. Rich options are…

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Is the Indian IT Industry heading to a Slow Death?

“Gloom in India’s IT sector” “If you are in your 30’s and in IT, you might loose your job” “Disappointed earnings stock falls” “Strong Rupee causing loss in revenue” “Tighter H1B rules for cheap Indian IT workers” “Indian IT is…

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The Dilemma Of A Parallel Sprint

It is not unusual to be face situations where you would feel the need to run parallel sprints to achieve a task; a common example can be a project that requires both Android and IOS development. It is not imperative…

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Date Time format for an ICS File using C#

The most important part of this task is getting the format for the date and time correct. There is a specific format needed for an ICS file, if the format is not correct then current date time is the default…

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Conditional firing of events using JavaScript

You have beautifully built a grid in your web application and not only this you have given custom features in your grid that have the ability to add and delete the dynamic data, to test the same you refresh the…

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Creating a Quarterly Calendar View using Telerik ASP.NET Scheduler – Radscheduler

  Before we start on how we achieved this, I would like to advise that creating a Quarterly Calendar View out of the Radscheduler is not something that comes out of the box or is something that is recommended. We…

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Telerik Vs Devexpress, What should I choose?

If you are a .NET developer then there is a high probability that you are familiar with these third party tools (at least you would have heard of them). So which of these is the one you would like to…

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Life in a Digital Agency- Chief Technical Officer

This is the fifth post of our series “Life in a Digital Agency”. The previous four in the series covered the role of a content marketer, a graphic designer, a project manager and an SEO Expert respectively. When I first got into this,…

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How to plan your technical infrastructure for SharkTank

How many times we have seen web servers crash because of high traffic? From the big billion sale on Flipkart to the freedom 251 website crash to the periodic outages at IRCTC, I’ve lost count. Hardware has always and will…

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