Dignitas Digital's CSR
Initiative for a better India

Dignitas Digital CSR Initiative: #TaxAsThanks – For a Better India!

We, at Dignitas Digital are here with an initiative, favoring the payment of tax for our country’s betterment. We believe in contributing to the economic growth and development of the society.

We completely understand the current scenario of the money crunch and chaos due to demonetization, but had all of us paid tax properly and timely, our nation’s growth could have already been accelerated.

We want to change the way citizens think about the paying taxes and make them aware of the positive consequences this could have on their lives, while educating them about the importance of tax towards the development of India into a developed nation.

All of us need to understand that tax is not a burden. It’s a responsibility! And us, citizens are the ones who can help our nation grow.

Let’s join hands for a better, brighter India!

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