02: ‘It Gave Me The Boost That I Needed’ – An Intern’s Experience At Dignitas Digital

Our intern Prakhar shares the lessons he learned from his internship at Dignitas digital and how this industrial exposure proved beneficial for a graduate like him.

DD Pod Sessions: An Intern’s Experience At Dignitas Digital

In this podcast session w/ Prakhar Sharma, we talk about his internship experience at Dignitas Digital, how this industrial exposure during college proved beneficial for him. He answers the following questions:

  • How did you get into Dignitas Digital? How was your entire experience here?
  • What is Myish?
  • How would you categorize it here at Dignitas Digital with your other internships?
  • Your current job profile where is it and what do you do?
  • Are there any other projects that you’d like to mention, apart from ‘myish’ anything else that you take pride in?



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Here are some shareable responses from our ‘Benefits of Industrial Exposure During College’ podcast:

  • It gave me the boost that I needed.
  • We wanted to do something as part of a culture and be really entrepreneurial about it.
  • I have been working with a lot of firms, but this kind of liberty I could only get at Dignitas Digital.
  • We are the brightest minds here.
  • To bridge that employability gap we started recognizing why is there a gap?
  • Some of us are forced into engineering many of us have taken it ourselves.
  • You have to create good client relations that will help you grow in the company.
  • Most of the Indian Graduates are not employable.
  • You just need to give a workshop to your juniors to give them an idea about your Journey and informing them that there are different avenues in life, we did that by building a network.
  • Don’t pick up jobs pick up careers where there is growth and future and you’ll do well if you have passion. If everything is in your favor everything will be good.
  • Just don’t go for the highest paying jobs they might not be the greatest.


Let us know in the comments if you think industrial exposure during college is beneficial. And we would love to hear about lessons you learned from your internships.

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