10 Things Not To Do When You Are Serving a Notice Period in a Company

Have you applied for multiple interviews, gotten decent job offers, and now you would like to make a move?

Everyone should grow professionally and keep exploring new and better opportunities as they come along. While a company likes to retain its employees, they understand that not everybody stays with their company forever.

When parting ways with your current employer, things mostly go smooth but some individuals deviate to some unprofessional and unethical things that they should not be doing.

Here is a list of 10 things that you should not do when you put in your papers:

(1) Being dishonest with your senior management/manager

You might not have an offer in your hand and might simply be trying to bluff your way to your next appraisal or you might state the wrong numbers for your current employer to match. Do not try these things as they show that you cannot be trusted, and you might end up getting a double whammy.


(2) Talking bad about the company

No company is perfect. There are people who have left Google, Facebook, and its likes (despite these companies being great employers). Just because you have served your notice period does not give you the right to talk bad about the company.


(3) Taking your work casually

There are instances where employees serving their notice periods have started taking their work lightly, or have simply become inefficient, this shows a lack of professionalism and ethics. Ideally, you should go out on a high. Your motivation levels should have no relationship with the number of days left in your notice period.


(4) Talking about your job offers with your co-workers

Ever heard of the quote that one rotten apple spoils the barrel? You do not want to be that apple – ever. This ends up messing up the company culture.


(5) Giving a poor good-bye speech

A goodbye speech/email can be an outlet opportunity. One needs to be careful and not cross the line. There have been instances where people have said something which they ended up regretting later on. Your good-bye speech is an opportunity to thank the company for the opportunity and your fellow teammates for the learning and the good time, do not criticize or talk bad about anyone. You do not want the last impression you leave at a company that is negative or condescending.


(6) Not asking for proper feedback, nor giving one

Many companies have an exit interview, during that interview you have a one on one constructive session with your HR/senior management or your direct manager. This is a formality but a serious one. Being casual about it or criticizing the company and its policies harshly is going to lead to bad blood between the parties.


(7) Rating the company badly on Glassdoor (Anonymously) to seek revenge

More often than not, the company knows who this anonymous person is. Though we strongly do believe that if a company is doing something wrong then it deserves to come to the limelight. If you have had a truly bad experience with a company and are sure that it was the company’s fault after doing some self-introspection, go ahead. Don’t do it for any other motives. Be tactful and respectful in the most critical of reviews as these impressions stay online forever.


(8) Thinking your relationship is over with the Company after you leave

This is the biggest mistake one can make. Usually, people who just start their careers and are making their first move feel that once the notice period is over the relationship with the company ends. No that is never going to be the case. You will be coming back to the company for – references, letters of recommendation, general tips and guidance, salary slips, etc. Also, your new employer will send a reference check document to your old employer – so do ensure that you have great professional relationships wherever you go.


(9) Leaving without serving your notice period

This is what I call career suicide. Just not showing up for work without serving your professional and legal obligation is not at all expected in today’s world. Here not only can you be served a legal notice, but can also be summoned and a civil case can be filed against you. This is one activity that should never ever be done at any cost.


(10) Taking others with you

You come to work and have made friends. Considering the fact that you moved, now you would like others to move and join you in your company. Though technically it is not incorrect (unless it is part of your company policy), but this can raise certain flags. Again, I would like to stress on the fact that this not a strict no but can become problematic.


I hope after reading the above points, you would keep your behavior professional and ethical while serving your notice period. In case you are an employer and struggling with this situation do get in touch with us at contactus@dignitasdigital.com and we discuss this over a cup of coffee!

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