3 Steps to Understand the Future of Marketing

A good Marketing Ad makes the company look smart but a great marketing Ad makes the customer feel smart.

The psychology of self-importance

Social Media has endlessly cashed on the unending need of the Humans to feel Important and Approved, the Framework and Updates behind any online networking stage is to eventually make the client feel vital.

Why we Share what we share? Why we like what we like?

The ability to like and Share content on Social Media is like passing a Baton of Power to the user that gives them infinite scope to feel important. If we look closely each and every feature that Facebook updates, caters to the ability of making the user powerful, even if it means trespassing someone’s personal space. The only fundamental reason that governs our sharing activity is proportional to the ability of the content to establish our intellectual image in front of our Facebook friends.

Extension of the Self – Importance psychology in Marketing

If we look closely there are basically two kinds of Ads that perform well, the ones with a Storyline and the ones that make us feel smart, we are broadly dealing with the latter. We will call these Ads “Virus Ads”.

Following are the Major Attributes of a Virus Ad

  1. They make the viewer feel smart, because it is a creative propagation of the brand, the user feels a minor challenge in getting to the ultimate meaning of the Ad, when the user finally deciphers the crux he/she is subjected to an overwhelming feeling of reward.
  2. The feeling of reward is immediately followed by the feeling of exclusivity. The user feels smart and approaches to share the Ad to boast his/her smart image on to the Social Platform.
  3. Sharing is where the Ad achieves Brand Penetration and User Engagement.

The concept of the Virus Ad is not a universally accepted term for Modern Marketing Ads it just underlines the new wave of Marketing that is transposed with a new level of creativity.

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