6 Common Social Media Mistakes that can Ruin your Brand Name Forever

No wonder social media has boosted the business to a level where you can increase sales just with a click of a button. But as easy and straightforward as it looks, it’s actually dancing on thin ice with your brand name at stake. Giving the responsibility of your brand to an agency who doesn’t know the nuances of social media can turn out to be a recipe for permanent brand damage.

Social media is new to the people, by the people, for the people.

These people can be potential customers if you play smart and strategically and can rip off and downgrade your brand if you act socially business reckless and strategy-less.

Here are 6 social media mistakes that can ruin your brand forever.

1) Your brand’s inner voice

Do you have a timetable for when and how regularly you post? Do you have a reliable voice that you use over all your online networking profiles? Do your profile and cover photographs pass on what are your brand is about? How would you react to negative input or feedback?

The ideal approach to be steady in your web-based social networking promotion is to have a procedure set up. This will include, among other elements, guidance about how and when you’ll use social media:

Rules for how to react to negative remarks

  1. An FAQ document that ensures consistency among the people who handle negative feedbacks from customers.
  2. Personally, reaching out to the customer who has reacted negatively and making sure that you as brand care of them.
  3. A follow-up plan after you have rectified their problem or after you have attended to the problem raised by them in the negative reaction.

2) Too much product promotion with too less value added

There is a period and place for promoting your business or products, even via web-based networking media. The brands that are using social media only for choking their target audience with their product promotion are likely to not only severely rupture their brand image but also squeeze sales.

Social Media is about building relationships and trust that will eventually pump deals. Try not to mishandle the stage by utilizing it as announcement or promotion. The 80/20 rule is a decent general guideline: post creative and problem-solving content 80 percent of the time and promotes your products close to 20 percent of the time. Even better, consider how you can move your Social Media fans and devotees into your web-based showcasing pipe – then you never need to straightforwardly promote via social media.

3) Spending too many Ad dollars without a strategy

The most exorbitant social media slip-up is indiscriminately spending advertisement dollars trying to growth hack the system. Just because Facebook marketing is cheap doesn’t mean you should randomly shoot off boosted posts just to increase engagement.

Yes, engagement is awesome, however spending social media advertisement dollars without a genuine strategy stupid and can truly hurt your business. Lay the foundation before placing dollars into social. Comprehend your objectives, your gathering of people, your substance, have a particular reason, and track the aftereffects of every promotion you run. Try not to be reckless!

4) Too much Hashtagging

Hashtagging too much looks spammy and desperate, If you are going to hashtag a post, utilize it elegantly and just on stages that really support of searching by hashtag. For instance, on LinkedIn, you ought to be wary of utilizing hashtags as they just show up as searchable on mobiles. Likewise, use it extensively and strategically on Twitter. Use tools like Hastagify to know how to gather a targeted audience with trending hashtag.

5) Buying Followers

Purchasing fans or followers is a dangerous business. A few agencies still trust that cushioning their numbers by paying for fake fans is an innocuous attempt. but, did you realize that purchasing Facebook fans can really hurt the client image by diminishing their organic reach?

Fake fans will never cooperate or draw in with your page, prompting to Facebook that your substance isn’t intriguing or profitable to your gathering of people. This prompts a general algorithmic lessening in your post reach.

It’s far superior to concentrate on drawing in genuine, intrigued fans who will connect with your posts.

6) Excessive posting

Below is a chart that shows a relationship between clicks per post and Facebook posts


Organizations who with more than 10,000 followers were the only ones who actually benefitted from posting around 31-60 posts a month. When these organizations further went ahead and increased that number, they saw a steady decline in the post clicks.

Companies with less than 10,000 followers and with a posting frequency of 60 posts a month saw a less than 60 percent clicks than the organizations with 10,000 followers and 60 posts a month strategy.


Social media is not hardcore sales and business development, it’s a platform where people go where they like, the only way you can tame this beast to the best of your business is make relationships that turn into potential leads. Along with making relationships, you can take the help of experienced social media agency that knows the nitty-gritty of this beat. Being a businessman on social media is about knowing the people and knowing social media.

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