7 Sales Analytics Tools for Driving Revenue Growth



Stytch was built by one of the founders of the now-defunct (through acquisition and assimilation) Indicee. Stytch offers connections to pretty much any data source, including, Salesforce, Marketo, external sources and databases, or anything you can hook up over an API. Stytch’s data insights mean that sales and marketing can work together to improve funnels, benchmark progress against industry standards from the built-in Dun & Bradstreet index, and manipulate data as it occurs. Stytch prides itself on seamless integrations that don’t require a lot of data cleansing from your IT department.


A combination of lead scoring and CRM integrations help your team stay up to date on the top leads, so sales spends less time building their call lists. Record and analyze rep activities to identify your top performers, and share their tactics with the whole team. Email analytics have built-in split testing to improve the sales team’s messaging and increase engagement. Automation tools for email address capture, auto-dialing, and email-to-appointment schedulers take administrative burdens off of your teams so they can focus on closing deals.


InsideSales uses AI and sales-centered analytics to increase the effectiveness of sales teams. The Playbooks module builds workflows to move leads down the funnel and toward conversion. The Neuralytics AI platform learns from each customer interaction with your site and adjusts your sales experience based on real customer data, rather than sales team gut feelings.

The InsideSales platform includes several tools for sales growth: an automatic dialer that prioritizes the best opportunities, sales gamification, predictive analytics, and opportunity and lead scoring. Email behavior tracking adds insights based on customer interactions and can help determine the best time to contact a lead.


InsightSquared markets to business leaders, sales managers, and sales teams that want deeper insights into their current funnels. The data that InsightSquared brings together can help your team set individual goals, decrease pipeline bottlenecks, and increase overall sales. The tool brings together past data and predictive scores to build coaching and accountability tools that speak from real data. It comes loaded with over 400 reports to help manipulate all sorts of data, and if that’s not enough, you can add on the Slate reporting tool for customizable reports.


Part of the CallidusCloud family of products, DataHug focuses on three major portions of the sales lifecycle: pipeline, forecasting, and coaching. The pipeline features help you improve your pipeline with data insights that encourage growth and reduce lead leakage. Forecasting tools integrate with Salesforce to predict your growth potential, and then compare actual behavior against your forecasts for deeper insight. The coaching features focus on individual and team statistics to improve performance.

DataHug promises to raise your team’s progress awareness through dashboards that define movement and promote improvement. As a Salesforce-native tool, DataHug can gather your metrics from dispersed systems and translate them into actionable data in the dashboards you already use.


6Sense provides account-based marketing and sales insights within their business intelligence platform. These tools find accounts that are currently in a buying cycle, so your team is more likely to close deals. The predictive platform uses active customer searches and account lists to broaden your search, while smart lead data identifies and eliminates false positives from your funnel. They call this “lead prioritization,” since it helps your reps spend less time running after cold leads.


This product is a little different from others on the list; Bluenose uses sales and customer behavior analytics to help your teams understand how to drive engagement and retention. While not necessarily a sales platform, a lot of businesses are looking to increase customer lifetime value (CLV), and building customer success can boost overall revenue and advocacy, which in turns drives more sales. Using product analytics tools and content engagement metrics, Bluenose can help your Smarketing+Customer Success teams understand the customer pain points that prevent product adoption.

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