An Effective Follow Up Strategy


We all Pitch to clients with full enthusiasm, but sometimes our 1st, 2nd and 3rd and consecutive follow-up emails aren’t able to fetch a reply. Being stranded without definite replies is more frustrating than listening to a no, at least for me!

How do we make them tell us about frequent updates? In my personal opinion your relationship or what we call the Lead Nurturing process and techniques should be so likable, that your prospective client isn’t able to say a no to you. What option are they left with? Telling you why the deal could not get through.

You occupy a good spot in their memory and they remember your pitch in future and if you’ve been at par, they might even refer you to their partner businesses in later stages!


Here’s a tip sheet you could use for your own clients with effective follow-up techniques –

  1. Follow up immediately

Your first follow up should be as soon as you email them your pitch.  It isn’t necessarily a Follow-up. It’s just a heads up “Dear Prospect, the ball’s in your court!”

  1. Keep your emails, conversations short

The ideal Follow up email should be very short and  crisp. Ask them to do something, engage them. But make sure every conversation you have with them, makes them do something in return. You could probably ask for some material for your pitch’s reference.

  1. If you plan to follow up x number of times, do it x+2 times

There’s no formula for finding the ideal number of follow up emails. It varies with the type of client you’re dealing with. Figure out WHAT is their preferred mode of communication? And utilize that channel more than others. Use Emails, Connect with them on Social networks like Linkedin. Find what you can leverage!

  1. Keep your objective to get an answer

Like I mentioned in the beginning, make yourself likeable, don’t behave like a pushy sales person, instead be their dependable Consultant. So that they don’t feel like turning you down. Fight that tendency of turning down by giving them a reason to answer you!

  1. Don’t act like you demand a response

It can get frustrating when a prospect does not answer your calls or emails. Don’t panic or cross the line. No matter how great your proposal was or how greatly suited it was for the client, always remember that there is no obligation for them to get back. Your last follow-up TONE should be as pleasant as your first one!

  1. Always be Thankful

People devote time to read your emails and proposals. Whatever answer you get back, be thankful for that. This behaviour will make your prospects remember you for the better!

  1. The most important

The most important question that haunts us when we type that email – What should I write in my follow up emails? This is gonna take me quite sometime to make you understand.

Instead I’ll leave you with this link

Make this your bible!

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