An unconventional trick to viral Blogging

We all know the importance of writing relatable content, be it blogs writing or video writing, relatable situations and content instantly find a soft spot with readers. But an articulate keen observation at all the times is not possible.

Here is a little technique that will help you build relatable content without much procedural hassle.

We call this the virus, through this algorithm we take a certain known entity and break it into two or more parts, now we take away some part of the broken entity and introduce our own to create something that is naturally different from what it was.


Here are some examples to help you get a grasp of the concept.

Recently we saw a graphic on AIB’s official page which was something like this.



Now we all know who the lady in the picture is, but that’s not important, see how the image of that lady is mapped with that of the Cuban revolutionary to give the image a whole new different meaning.

To learn this virus technique just map in two or more entities together, we will mention a few examples to help you get a hold of it.

Moto-GP becomes Rikshaw GP

Prime minister becomes Crime minister

And so on.

This in the core writing terms is called Juxtaposition, so next time you want to make a viral Social Media post use the Virus.


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