Announcing Rotating Internships at Dignitas Digital

Everything starts from ’Hello World’

 When we are born, our worlds are brimming with infinite possibilities. However, as our lives go on, these possibilities start contracting until we find ourselves wondering about what might have been.

Because of the sheer scale of possibilities theoretically open to us, there will always be that nagging doubt, that longing sideways glance for even those of us who claim to follow our passion. We will always wonder if we made the right choices.

However, while we can never quite answer this question for certain, we can always reduce this uncertainty through experimentation. The easiest way is to narrow down the list of possibilities by eliminating what you don’t what to do from the list.

How about we give it a shot, together?

Rotating Internship

We started our internship program since the very inception of the firm and as we become slightly less immature with time, so has our internship program. We fondly call it “The Soul Searching Internship”. No, we do not make you meditate nor do we preach- we simply try to help you figure out what you can try as a career other than what you are pseudo trained for in college.

So how does this work?

Usually our internships run for 3 months, multiple times a year. You would not be alone; everyone that joins the firm (at a junior level) goes through the same process.

Prepared from day one is a calendar schedule that you would be following while interning with us. For the next 6 weeks you would be working with your mentors in various departments. You might be coordinating with our consulting team to help our clients solve complex problems, or expressing your flair in the content writing team. You could create a viral graphic or a melody that the world hums too. It could be something as simple are reducing the complexity to nlog or you could be selling one of our products on Inner Circle at Connaught place Delhi (not kidding!).

After three months, you should have a lot of additions into that list of things you do not want to do. Amidst all this exposure, you could also discover skills that you never knew you were good at. Maybe, just maybe, you might get have a magical moment when everything seems to click together and realize this is what you were meant for.

In Conclusion

 Close to 1/3rd of your adult life is spent working, so it’s worth putting in some to try and figure out whether this is really what you were meant to. We are all meant for great things, and we will be ecstatic if we can be a minuscule part of your journey to greatness!

Interested! Get in touch.

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