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Arduino and Raspberry Pi are the most popular microcontroller boards among beginners and professionals alike. Experienced developers know the utility and differences between the two. But beginners often get confused between them. Which board is good for their project? or which board is easy to learn? or why should they use Arduino over Pi? are some of the questions they struggle with.

Actually, both Arduino and Raspberry Pi are suitable for beginners.

However, the Raspberry Pi is forty times faster than the Arduino when it comes to the microcontroller clock speed. Even more seemingly damning for Arduino is the fact that Pi has approximately 128,000 times more RAM. The Raspberry Pi is an independent machine that can run an actual operating system in Linux. It is multitasking, supports multi USB ports, and can connect to the Internet. In short, it’s powerful enough to function as a personal computer.

It might sound like Raspberry Pi is superior to Arduino, but that’s only when it comes to software applications. The simplicity of Arduino makes it a much better bet for pure hardware projects.

Arduino is as simple as a single-board microcontroller that is not only fast but is meant for only one application. The design’s simplicity makes it a good programming board for pure hardware projects. Raspberry PI, on the other hand, is a closed-source, complete computer. The size of a Raspberry Pi is almost the size of a credit card, a single-board controller which was founded in the United Kingdom.

With a Raspberry Pi, if you want to run a piece of code, you have to install Raspbian operating system on the memory card and run your code inside raspberry OS. With Arduino, you can simply connect the board via the USB cable to your personal computer, and upload a code written in C to the Arduino board. The board can only run that code. The key here is that the code is written in C, which has to be compiled before it can be run. This means your code has to be converted into ‘machine-readable code’ that is uploaded to the Arduino microcontroller, which can then be executed quickly. Conversely, Raspberry Pi’s main programming language is Python, within which code is compiled first before it is run. This introduces a slight delay in the execution of code, making it not ideal for some purposes.

The Arduino Uno and Raspberry PI have differences that can only be elucidated by an expert in the field. Also, their prices are competitive. If you are planning to purchase a microcontroller board, keep the information mentioned above in mind, and have fun programming whatever you select!

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