Be Inventive not only with your content but the format as well

Web content generation holds its key in creating not only new content every time you post but also encourages new formats, we had talked about the “List” technique in our last article and how it has gained more readership in the last 5 years.

Fortunately our reader’s thirst to see and consume newness every time gives us writers an immense scope to experiment with the way we present our content.

Here is a list of techniques that will help you get innovative with your web content generating style.

The list is exclusive to the specific type of content you generate and might not hold true for every type of content.

  • The rhyme technique: A pattern of paragraphs that hold a sense of rhyme.
  • The Metaphor way: Drawing metaphors has always been an overly used tool in the history of writing but has been a fairly less used one in blog writing.
  • The storytelling: This technique has recently has gained readership because as humans we all like drawing inspirations from parallel stories.
  • The standup set: This slightly less practiced style is yet to make it to the big screen of content market, but has shown potential with a certain set of audience.

Not only these, the selection of the format of content are as much a creative choice as the content itself, this is precisely why we encourage you to invent a format of your own and try it with your audience.

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