Top 10 Best Cities to Have An Office in India in 2020

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With the Indian market getting bigger and bigger every year, the need for creating an office space is ever increasing. Selecting the right location for your office is much more instrumental than people usually think it is. It not only generates a good flow of business but also helps you form new connections that come in handy in the long run.

A costly office space that offers great business opportunities is always better than a cheap space with no assured opportunities. One of the best things to happen in India in the last decade is the fact that many smaller cities have also become an industrial hub now. With that happening, the idea of what constitutes the ‘best city to work in’ has evolved greatly.

Let us look at some of the top cities across India that are ideal for setting up your office


Bengaluru, “The Silicon Valley of India”, is the first real industrial city in India and now falls in the top bracket of the cities with maximum opportunities. However, one thing you need to note is that setting up software or IT office is the most profitable for you because of the innumerable number of such offices here.
cities - bengaluru


While some cities are popular for being a hub for a particular industry, Delhi-NCR is the only city in the country where every kind of industry thrives in the best possible way. With the whole world connected to the capital city of the country, there is no dearth of opportunities here.

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Pune has become the new popular industrial hub in India with almost all major companies setting up their office there. This has led to many small companies joining them too. Also, from a financial point of view, most workspaces are relatively cheaper here than in other places.

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Mumbai is the city with the highest GDP in the country and that just shows how powerful a city it is in terms of business opportunities. Yes, the places you get here are costly but you receive good ROI as well.

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Hyderabad is the fastest-growing industrial city in South India with unprecedented growth in almost all the industries, be it entertainment, IT, pharmaceuticals or digital marketing. Setting up office space here can definitely do you good!

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Apart from Bengaluru, Chennai is the other major hub in South India that has already established itself in the country. Also, it is much cheaper than Bengaluru.

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Kochi is the biggest hub in Kerala with many major companies setting up their base there. As it is a relatively newer location, getting human capital at lower rates is easier.

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Coimbatore is one of the fastest-growing industrial hubs in India and the major reason is its location, as it lies in between Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kochi. Also, easier transportation services and cheap human capital here have led to a major boom in every aspect.

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Chandigarh is a great city for you to start an office in since it is the most well-planned city in the country. As a result, getting all the necessary amenities should not be a major task.

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Ahmedabad is another city that is recently emerging as a great one to work in. It is drawing thousands of people every month by providing great job opportunities. Since other major industrial cities of Mumbai are fast filling up, Ahmadabad is becoming a second home for job seekers from around the country.

cities - Ahmedabad

A common trend seen in this last decade is that the smaller cities are emerging as great ones to work in. This is mainly because of cities like Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Chennai not having a lot of space to create more workspaces. It will be interesting to see how the demographics change in the coming year.

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