5 Best Virtual Desktop Solutions for Individuals or Businesses

5 Best Virtual Desktop Solutions

If you are running a business that demands remote working and also openly giving your users access to your desktop from anywhere around the globe, then Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (or VDI for short) is the technology that you should consider investing in.

VDI technology allows the hosting of an entire desktop operating system on a centralized server. Based on the available hardware resources, a single server can run not one or two but multiple virtual desktops at the same time.

This separates the data of the operating system and apps from the local hardware, allowing them to run independently on a remote server. Along with centralized management capability, virtual desktop solutions provide you with better security and compatibility with legacy applications.

Mentioned below are some of the highly used Virtual Desktop Solutions:

Amazon Workspace

A managed and secure cloud desktop service that is leading at the first place in the top 5 best actual desktop infrastructure software. Now, within a couple of minutes, you can assist either windows or Linux desktop, simply using Amazon Workspace.

Moreover, you can easily and swiftly manage to provide thousands of desktops to workers all over the globe. You can subscribe on either a monthly or hourly basis just for the Workspace you launch. This helps you save money when compared to other desktops and on-premises VDI solutions providers.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is an accelerated VDI software that is integrated with industrial standard graphics and storage capabilities to eliminate productivity hurdles. This platform empowers mobile workforces to grab a workstation-like experience on any device which only requires a basic internet connection.

IBM Cloud reviews show that the platform is robust. The system configures and scales computing and storage options housed in different data centers around the globe. This is accompanied by GPU technology that accelerates access to graphic-intensive materials.

Cisco VXI

Cisco VXI is an end-to-end systems solution that provides firms the next-gen virtual workspace by integrating virtual desktops, voice, and video functions. The technology empowers IT departments through a flexible and secure infrastructure for delivering a promising user experience.

One of its main benefits is its support for Cisco Virtualization Experience Client. This conveniently integrates into a user’s virtualized infrastructure. When linked with Cisco VXME, the platform merges all voice, video, and virtual desktop capabilities in a single device.

VMware Horizon Cloud

VMware Horizon Cloud is a cloud-based virtual desktop and application solution which delivers to any platform from a single control panel. It gives you remote and mobile employees all around to access enterprise resources like databases, documents, files, etc. It helps to minimize all the security risks due to highly secure deployment and also decreases the management tasks of your IT department.

For the pricing part, VMWare offers various enterprise model schemes with different levels of services. These include horizon cloud apps plan, desktop, and apps plan, horizon cloud with hosted infrastructure, and its horizon cloud on Microsoft Azure plan.

Red Hat Actualization

Red Hat Actualization is openly accessible for the actual servers and technically workstations. It is powered by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform that delivers noticeable ease of use and powerful security. It is designed to respond to customers’ needs, regardless of the complexity of the customer’s Linux and Windows workloads.

The platform also enables you to optimize your existing infrastructure to raise its performance bars. With this, you can increase your ability and improve application development speed. Thus, allowing you to gain ground in the market by releasing products and services ahead of your rivals.

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