Blogging is the new Journalism?


With bloggers becoming main stream (lately in the Indian market), we have seen some entrepreneurs involved in spats with the whole blogging community.  Some questioning their credibility and their opinions.

Blogging and Journalism are like apples and oranges, they are quite different in nature. Both are different businesses – with blogging being a more recent and vicious business. The rules are completely different, where blogging is a lower hanging fruit having a very low barrier to entry (it does not require a specialized education).  So it’s better we do not compare them at all.

Blogging is a grey area where churning out content at a quick speed is more important than the quality, actuality, and credibility of facts and figures. Blogs survive on money made via advertising, which is dependent on the page views. The higher the traffic on the website, the higher the value of the blog.  Some blogs pay the content writers per post, some pay on the basis of the number of unique visitors on their particular article.

The Question: Do we actually need blogs?

Blogging being an unregulated zone, do we actually need it? The answer is yes! (you are reading this is a blog post, duh!) In today’s day and age where information is being created at a faster pace, we need an organized way of getting it together. It’s chaotic; but it’s organized chaos.  Blogs have become a complementary medium for PR, where media manipulation becomes a lot less easier 🙂

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