Case of B2B Prospecting For An Indian Agency

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A fine day, a person somewhere in the corner of India, in-fact the world decides to go for Digital marketing for his company or business. If he says “I opted for digital marketing just to try it”. Don’t believe him, the truth is “Everyone is now getting business from Social media and stuff. Let me try how this shit is!”

Types in, finds “Digital marketing agency” where ever he/she is. If this he/she is in Delhi, we do occupy the first few positions. Boom, he knows what to do. But, not caring about knowing the company, Clients, whatever it is. He jumps onto our Contact us page and fills up the form.


I receive it as contact requests on my email. The FUN starts right here.


With the amazing types of messages we receive, it’s difficult to understand, which ones should we laugh at or which ones are that make me get up and say, “Woah! Let’s close this!”


The process starts with a phone call or an email. The ice-breaking phone call gives you the least possible idea of what the prospect has in mind? Why did he get in touch with you? What does he expect from you? Who would take the decision? And other sales questions. It’s pressingly important that you meet the prospect. As you have to dig out all figures of the business and the reason you’re there.


There’s a popular B2B sales process I generally follow – BANT (There are many more)

Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline.


Once you’ve deciphered this, you’ll be in a better position to understand how and what you should offer as a good solution.


In other cases, your proposal is duly liked by people. I have had a few impactful meetings in my career. But there’s one thing in every meeting that drops all the expressions on your prospect’s face! PRICE! Nobody wants to shell out money, but wants every service! Even all the Expertise, Professionalism you do offer is taken for a toss!


And this is followed by a long series of Following up phone calls and emails. You’ll be duly answered until the evaluation process. One fine day comes and on the forthcoming finer days, your phone will never ever be answered!

NO is a word we Indians never learned. No prospect ever said no.


“The MD is out of station”, “Unlike other corporates, we really put in comprehensive evaluation techniques”, “I have been out of station”, “I would need this service to be added to the present strategy document”, “The number you’re calling is not available to take your call”. Statements like these, if heard from the same person twice, have now more or less become equal to a NO in my vocabulary.


The Indian market makes really flexible and capable Sales and BD Reps. If you could sell in India, you could sell anywhere!


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