10 Colors That Increase Sales And Why

10 colors that increase sales and why

Colors can affect us in unexpected ways and yes they do increase Sales!

Graphic designers and digital marketing guys know that the success of any marketing campaign depends heavily on color. If it’s done in the right way, it can be affect conversions.

The right selections of colors will increase your conversions and the wrong one will turn people away. The emotions that different colors evoke are well documented.

Below is the list of 10 colors that do encourage to spend more and increase sales:

1. Red

Red is the most popular and powerful color amongst all. It captures attention and is correlated with excitement, passion, energy, action, and determination. But overdo of this color can kill your brand also. Used mostly by real estate and eCommerce companies.

2. Orange

Orange, the color which is bright, bold, and used heavily in websites, calls to action, and buy buttons as it stands out clearly in lots of background colors. It has powerful attention-grabbing properties. It can be seen on bloggers and food delivery websites.

3. Blue

Blue color reflects trust, security. It is associated with calm and stability and can boost sales indirectly. Mostly used by financial and insurance companies that emphasize trust and security.

4. Yellow

The yellow appeals to the young target audience and mostly associated with fun and cheerfulness. It is basically a happy color that holds energy and warmth, it enhances creativity and excitement. Mostly used by kids and school websites.

5. Purple

This color is commonly associated with wisdom, respect, and royalty. Purple color is perfect for lending a touch of elegance that is why commonly used by beauty product websites.

6. Green

Green is always associated with the environment, health, and goodwill. It is a versatile color, usually green color means go ahead. Green is a color that gives people a positive and relaxed feeling. Mostly found on call to action buttons that urge customers to go ahead and try their services, like add to cart button on eCommerce companies.

7. Pink

The color that stands out, has excitement and boldness with a touch of fantasy and typically associated with feminine products. Pink color evokes feelings of peace and love. Mostly seen on lingerie and beauty websites.

8. Gold

It is a precious, prestigious, and powerful color that symbolizes wealth. Gold color can be cheerful and optimistic, traditionally it is associated with elegance. Nowadays it is associated with quality and excellence.

9. White

The color that is calm and clean, mostly associated with the color of justice, cleanliness, and new beginnings. It evokes the feeling of trust and that is the reason white is used, on nearly every web page of the websites and print design.

10. Black

The color that is associated with power, stability, confidence, and strength. Black color conveys luxury, elegance, sophistication. Most luxury or high-end brands use black color.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the use of colors in marketing and graphics can be tuned according to the need.
Although colors may have different associations, always remember to take context into consideration.

Obviously, each color is different from one another but we can use the vector graphics or website design elements to trigger emotional changes in our visitors, and if done right, colors can be leveraged to affect conversions.

Want to know if the color choices you’ve selected for your brand align with the emotions you’re trying to trigger within your customers and prospects?

Reach out to Dignitas Digital today! We help brands build their aesthetics while also bringing them closer to their target audience online.

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