Content that makes your clients happy

Brand integration in YouTube channels has become the new Mecca for Brand Promotion, and justifiably so, the kind of youth followership these channels attract are no where bear to what Daily soaps do.

We have compiled a list of top 4 videos that are known for their seamless brand promotion (Domestic and international),

These videos are so seamless in their Brand promotion that we don’t even need to mention the brands, just sit back and read through.

1) Permanent Roommates by TVF


Click here to watch

2) Uber Pool by college humor


Click here to watch

3) Hutiya Ishq by BB ki vines


Click here to watch

4) Honest Restaurants by AIB


Click here to watch

We are sure that you must have seen majority of these videos, but see them again with a business point of view and take notes on how to promote your product in the most entertaining way.

In the next part of this blog we will walk you through the key points to make your content brand friendly.

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