Create a Viral Video in 5 Minutes

Think like a street magician

When you put yourself in the shoes of a street magician, you automatically embrace the skill of not wasting anytime in anything but only attracting the audience you have. You immediately get to the point.

David Blaine an established street performer calls this technique “Do-Magic”.

Most of the YouTube makers we know tend to spend a lot of time on the scripting and production , which isn’t wrong, but “virality” does not necessarily require that kind of effort.

Be the Purple Cow

Seth Godin, mentioned the concept of the purple cow in his Book, the attention span of the user is as low as 2 seconds which only leaves the weirdest the most different a chance to capture the attention.

So, be the purple cow, be weird, and be creative.

Anything that records works

Any device as basic as your smartphone, can create a sensational video, when something as creative and weird as the purple cow is happening nobody really cares about the quality of the video.

Practical Utility

This is easily one of the most important point to remember in the saga of viral videos, if your weird creative video solves a purpose for the viewer it is most likely to get viral.


Promote like a Kim Kardashian

You don’t have to walk the red carpet to make it to the news, all you need is a Social Media account, once you have the video ready, all you need is posting reckless posting and more reckless posting, emails, whatsapp, facebook message, groups, asking people to share it.


Stop thinking start doing.

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