Creating a custom Dashboard or using Power BI or Tableau

Being a modern business owner, you would always like to understand your business or operations from a data centric point of view. This helps you take a deep dive into the numbers and the chances are that you might end up getting surprised (if you have never analyzed your data that is).

Now the question revolves around using the existing tools in the market, or creating your own. There are some brilliant off the shelf solutions like Power BI and Tableau which can help you in your data visualization (keep in mind these products do not keep cheap!).  But if you want to go a step further towards actual analytics then going via a custom solution would be the best bet. There are certain companies that are working in this space, but again if they fulfill your requirement/s (highly unlikely) then go in for it.

You know your data, understand it and know the interpretation of it. A general tool can help you analyze your data, but when it comes to projections then you need to get into the front seat and take charge building your custom solution.

We are doing so for some of our clients. To know more about our approach do get in touch (

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