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From setting alarm to watching videos online, utility apps for your office work and games to refresh yourself, all these features make your day-to-day life quite easy, thus making everyone a huge aficionado of android smartphones. But, what would happen if you lose your smartphone with all of your valuable data like contacts, banking details, official documents, etc. in it?

Don’t panic! Just read further to secure your contacts and other valuable data which you stored in your Android Smartphone.

There is a feature called as “Device Manager” in your android smartphone which enables you to find & lock your device and even erase all the data stored in your device. To access this feature, you don’t need to install any third party apps in your android phone. All you have to do is –

Go to the Main Menu >> Google Settings >> Android Device Manager

How does it work?

To make it work, you need to activate it first right before you start using your device and storing all the data in it. To activate it, tap on Android Device Manager, you will see two options – “Remotely locate this device” & “Allow remote lock and factory reset”, activate both the options and now your phone is secured from thieves.

How to use it?

If you have lost your android device, you need to follow the following steps in order to get it secured or to at least secure or erase the data stored in it.

Now, you will see the exact location of your device. If it’s near you, then you can choose an option to ring it, so that you can locate it easily in a place where you left it. Otherwise, lock your phone and erase the data, if you think your phone’s security level is not high to secure your data.

Be a smart user of Android smartphone and activate the Android Device Manager now. And above all, pay more attention to your device. Don’t leave it anywhere or hand it to the person you don’t trust.

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