Graphic Design as a Career


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In 2012, PepsiCo hired its first chief design officer and CEO Indra Nooyi said in an interview that “now ‘Design’ has a voice in nearly every important decision that the company makes.”


Most youngsters, graduating out of school or college, are constantly vying with each other to secure an admission in a prestigious Engineering Institute or Medical establishment. Most are not even aware of a profession called Designer. However, in 2016, I believe Design would play a primary role in major corporate initiatives.

Designing is a broader term covering many branches

A few of them are as listed below:

  1. Graphic Designing;
  2. UX-UI designing;
  3. Product Designing;
  4. Fashion Designing;
  5. Interior Designing;
  6. Industrial Designing;
  7. Architecture;
  8. zand many others

In order to choose a career as a Graphic Designer, you must remember your own motivations for selecting the same. Any inclination towards art and its finer aspects must be nurtured and coddled by students. Everybody loves art, even though many may not understand it. Take for example the Modern Art – many still are amazed at the lack of comprehension between its audience and the artist. I must honestly say that most Modern Art is beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, it is Art and the artist represents his emotions and feelings in one piece of art.


Composition IV, 1911 Kandinsky | Source: Wikimedia Commons

For one to understand art, one needs to look out, observe one’s surroundings, there is a design present in all things around us. And every design is serving a purpose (Designing for Purpose – that’s another blog in its entirety).


Composition IV, 1911 Kandinsky | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Scope of designing

The possibilities are endless. If you would search online, you would find countless job opportunities for good Graphics Designers. Not everyone can create inspiring art.


If you choose to become a Graphic designer, you may be required to prepare Corporate Brand Identities, which include creating Logograms, Type guidelines, and Collaterals (letterheads, visiting cards, envelopes and other items as such). Aside from that, you may be assigned tasks like Company Brochures, Catalogues, Posters, Flyers, and even Print Ads that appear on Newspapers, Books and Magazines.

To accomplish these tasks, knowledge of vector art and layout is essential. Creating beautiful Logo-marks based on company briefing and guidelines is a fascinating way to explore your creative potential. Once a proper identity is defined, everything else falls into place. The entire Brand identity is sometimes based only on one Logogram.


Content Driven Layout

Designing Brochures, Catalogues, Books and Magazines requires creating a lot of unique and inspiring Layouts.


Most of these layouts are based on the content given by the client or the content marketing team. A good designer needs to figure out the best way to display the content for maximum User Comprehension. One must remember that the Content is the King here. All your ideas and design and layout will be defined by the content. A great brochure design is generally invisible to a layman’s eye, for the content is highlighted in the right way (similar examples can be found in web as well – UX-UI Design).

Social Media Marketing

Also known as Digital Marketing, it tends to use a lot of graphic designing to communicate messages across various social media channels.

Various communication and marketing strategies are formed by the clients as well as Digital marketing agencies across the world. The maxim ‘A picture is better than 1000 words’ has never been more true in this scenario.


You must have noticed the millions and millions of inspiring, engaging as well as entertaining graphics circulating on your facebook page. There is someone designing those as well. A lot of thought is put into forming a content strategy. After many brainstorming sessions and extensive research on the web, the designer gets the responsibility to execute these strategies in the best way possible. From concept to execution, the designer has a key role to play in a Digital Marketing company.


The scope is plenty, if you are interested, that is. There may be millions of students who are interested in Art and Design, but due to parental and/or peer pressure, many give up on their dreams. Students must remember that there are other careers in the market. And the future is going to be design centric. Instead of focusing your energies on an unachievable dream, I believe you can pursue options that you love and enjoy. There are no average marks cut-offs in this industry, only your creativity is judged based on current trends.


Do not be disheartened by the bullies in your life. There will always be someone trying to dictate the way you live, forcing you to change your choices because it is not something they approve of. You can keep your creativity alive by constant practice and following current trends.

It doesn’t matter if you are born creative, anybody can still learn to develop good taste and become a master of design.

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