Useful Graphic Design Tips For An Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Graphic Design Tips For Instagram

Are you a graphic designer on Instagram? If yes, then by now, you have the required know-how for the deadlines, software, and catering to briefs. And you also have a stunning portfolio. Now you need to get people to see all your fantastic work. You must become social. Also, it would be best if you enhanced your Instagram feed in a way that it looks beautiful and showcases all the correct information.

Before you arrange your client’s Instagram profile and website design, you need to have a stunning graphic design for your page! For that, you need to take photos and use them creatively. You also have to manage the username, the bio details; the news feed format, and other Instagram elements that inspire others. That way, you can gain more Instagram likes. And if you wish to add up the count of Instagram likes, you can check out Insta 4 Likes.

The 5 Graphic Design Tips to Incorporate

Get the lighting correct:

No one likes gloomy and dark pictures that get shot in low light conditions. Other than being uninspiring, it lacks proper details. Your photographs should be detailed and vibrant. Ensure there’s adequate lighting during shooting images—also, indoor photography resorts to the advanced or professional studio lights to create a correct exposure. And when you shoot outdoors, time your pictures depending on the favorable weather conditions.

Are you planning to click and upload food shots? You can opt-in for orange, warm tones, which enhances the appearance of the food. Here layout is also essential for a striking picture. Edit the images without going over the top. You can transition from warm to a pleasant tone and then fresh from the oven appearance.

If you click photos like a pro, you will use the camera device to provide a sharp focus. You can throw light on the food subjects in the frame. Go ahead and tweak contrast, brightness, exposure, and other aspects to make the image appealing.

Apply a theme:

It’s a smart call to comply with a particular theme, enhancing your brand and personal image. Simply put, a theme gives the news feed ample cohesiveness and direction. When it comes to themes, you can keep the images:

  • Airy and light with a lot of white space
  • Filled with pastel tones
  • Minimalistic and clutter-free

Your theme and the filter need to be compatible! Browse through the current feed to check the posts that don’t sync in with the theme. You can delete, edit and repost the same with tweaked content.

Manage the news feed strategically:

Scattered image shots can affect the news feed flow completely! Instead, it would be best if you managed your shots in a way that the images perfectly fit well. A stunning feed will showcase a wide range of subjects that get spaced out evenly. Refrain from posting an entire stream of fashion shots and landscapes. You should be able to mix and match it to create a sense of variety and visual interest. It will cut the visual boredom and will keep your audience engaged.

Opt-in for muted color pallets:

Muted colors are going to be one of the best themes for 2020 graphic design. So far, the graphic design trends have been hovering on bright and vivid colors. Now you can take a look at the muted colors. If every post of yours has bold color use, then the online viewers can’t distinguish the best features. The images lose their scope to stand out. Hence, rather than standing out from the social media noise, the bold visuals add to it.

There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have muted color palettes. Chances are you’ve seen that on social media, and you can use the same with some research and guidance.

Resort to original stock images:

The moment the color trends start changing, the famous stock photos follow. The muted colors feel subdued and natural, in comparison to the brilliant colors of the past. Hence, authentic and genuine images will be a popular choice in the years to come. And these images would appear like you’ve clicked it by yourself. Instead of lavish layouts and stiff poses, the stock images are all about real people in every daily life scene.

Here the editing is natural and not extreme. That adds to the image’s authenticity. Right now, social media is done with over-edited images that look high commercial and fake. The neutral stock images in graphics are genuine and will naturally draw in more audience engagement. It’s going to be a recurrent trend for this year’s Instagram graphic design.

Keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation, most brands and freelancers work from home and through digital means. It is an excellent time to enhance your online presence. Graphic designers can apply these tips in a way that helps them to add more numbers to their follower base, improve brand publicity, and recall value.

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