How Social Commerce Can Benefit Your Business [Infographic]

Social Networks and Their Importance in eCommerce Gateways

Social Media Mastery

What is one thing that 99% of top brands take seriously? It is that they must have a social media presence? 99% of all top brands manage active accounts on Facebook. Facebook is the most widely adopted social media channel for big brands, but not the only one used.
Other newcomers, like Instagram, are also attracting significant attention. Around 59% of the top brands also maintain a presence on Instagram.
Why is a social media presence rated as so important? Read on and find out.

What Is in It for the Client?

The clients benefit because they have a more direct method of interacting with the brands that they love. They get to see the latest products, learn more about the company, and also get to hear about the latest promo or information like what is hot on eBay, for example.

They have a channel to ask questions directly and have a very easy way of sharing products that they love or information they find useful. They also get to see what other customers think about the company and their products.
For 89% of consumers, social media plays a role in helping them decide what to buy.

What is in It for the Company?

At first glance, it may seem like an extra expense and more work, but it is a very useful investment. The company has a direct line to what its clients are interested in, how they think and what they will respond to.

For marketing purposes, a social media account can be a goldmine just in terms of the data you can derive from it.
You can ask customers what they think outright, you can use the platform to build a relationship, or you can sell to clients directly. Social media is also a great space to start introducing thought leadership articles that subtly sell your product.
Run promotions, publish tutorials, introduce your followers to different ways to use your product. It all depends on what is right for your market.


Don’t Make This One Mistake

By now, I am sure that you are fully ready to get started on social media. You probably have an idea of a few videos to post on YouTube, articles you will post on Facebook, and maybe some clever quotes for Twitter.

Hold on for a minute there. Getting started on social media is exciting. It’s fun to find ways to get people to hit that “Like” button. After a few weeks, however, when the novelty has worn off, it is no longer as much fun.
At that stage, trying to find the motivation to update six different social media profiles will be hard to come by. Do yourself a favor now, choose just two channels to start off with. Choose the two channels that your clients are most likely to use and work on building those up.
If you concentrate your efforts on just a couple of channels, you can master both of them and establish a strong social media following. If you dilute your efforts across many more channels, you are bound to get mediocre results.
Commit to social media, by all means, but be sure to do so properly!

Using Social Media for Ecommerce

Can’t wait to start using social media as an e-commerce business? Check out the infographic below to better understand social commerce:


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