How To Be The Next Youtube Sensation

The need to be known and appreciated has always been a quest for an artist, fortunately this pinnacle is made more reachable with Social Media, especially in this age where you don’t need to be Bollywood star to be the poster boy of every household all you need is YouTube.

Here are a few steps that can pave your way to your much deserved fame and launchpad you’ve been looking for.

Be culturally relevant.

If you make videos that are related to news or pop culture items that everyone’s talking about and looking up online, you’ll have a better shot at getting famous. Stay in the know on your favorite subjects, and be willing to make and upload videos within a day or two of breaking news. You never know when your video will be the one to spiral toward success.

Relentlessly add new content.

If you consistently produce interesting videos that offer original content and are relevant to your viewers’ lives, you’re eventually going to get recognized. Don’t give up if you aren’t famous after a few months, or even a year or two. Be passionate about making videos and participating in the amazing online community that is YouTube, and you just might end up getting famous.

Stand Out

Find your own niche, BB ki vines, AIB, TVF all have their own voice, their own way of looking and presenting content, there is nothing more attractive to a viewer than fresh content and a unique almost crazy way to present it.

Learn from the Standup artists

Be insanely observational, anything and everything that happens around you deserves a screen time in your video, to implement this you have to be a walking microscope, the more you see more your videos become relatable and the more audience connect to it. This a mantra for increasing your audience base.

It’s an Investment

Visuals matter, but beautiful visuals won’t appear on their own. High quality YouTube videos require an investment of both money and time. We suggest picking up a decent camera that can shoot in HD and the proper mics if you have the cash. That investment helped AIB get extra subscribers.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Yup, that’s Vanilla Ice and the lyric actually applies to figuring out a general game plan for YouTube success. Stop: “Your main goal is to become a YouTube partner.”You have to do your research, know what those limits are.” Before you post, look up what is required to become a partner and make some money off of your videos. The requirements usually aren’t too strenuous and should give a good metric of where you should be to start.

Network is the actual Market you create

Creating a network is very important, It is imperative that you as a YouTuber are known amongst the already sensational YouTubers so that whenever your content comes to air, they are the ones to feed back you and talk about it to other people so that you can get the much needed lime light without investing much on the inorganic reach of your content.

Do your Homework

Always make the video with a proper script never climb the camera un prepared or never leave it completely to impromptu there is always a method to the madness find that method find what works for you anf stick to it.

Even if you master all of the above stated/recommended steps, there is no official guarantee that you or your channel will penetrate the masses like your Idols. But something that will, is staying true to the content, a lot of YouTubers come to fame but loose it almost instantly because they lose their very voice that drove them to success when they started small. Sticking to the roots and the characters that got you famous is the key to arriving and staying at the top.

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