How to Code (Noob Edition)


There was a time when coding was something that was considered to be best left for hackers and nerds but now, coding is something that is not only for the geeks anymore. Because today if you know even a tiny bit of HTML, you can ramp up that piece of assignment that you have, into a classy masterpiece.

But many are still unaware of the fact that today, you don’t need to give up all your fun and delicacies of life to learn to code because, with the resources and the providers that are available right now, anyone can learn to code in the easiest and most fun way possible.

Where to start?

The first question that pops in your head right now must be, what should I code? Because you can’t just go to your machine and start typing stuff. You got to decide what you want to code before you even type your first line of code.

Before you just start getting yourself all buckled up to start coding, you need to choose a domain for yourself. Well that is pretty obvious, right? It’s almost like choosing your major in your freshman year! You can choose to be a web developer, an app developer, or any other that you want to be.

Choose the domain that intrigues your inner programmer, and never follow the trends. So, once you get to choose the domain you will be working on, it is time to actually start coding and never stop again.


Most probably, by the time you are at this point, either you will be pretty excited to start coding or you will be scared to even type a letter. But don’t worry because we have got you covered!

Doesn’t matter if you have coded before or you have never coded in your entire life because we will be telling you the easiest ways to start learning and exploring the world of programming. So, here we go! We will begin with free websites to different resources where you can only get the best when we talk about learning to code.

Best sites where you can learn to code (For FREE)!


The best of the best in the market right now where you can get to learn all sorts of programming languages from Python to Ruby and from Java to .Net. CodeAcademy is the one-stop solution if you wish to code and you don’t know a thing about coding. Millions have already learned to code through CodeAcademy, so what are you waiting for?

The site offers various lists of programs for you to begin your programming career in seconds.


Another one of the top non-profit organizations that promote young teens and kids to start coding. Created by those at Harvard University and MIT, you will be getting the best only. Operating at more than 60 schools, edX offers students with some unique and free courses to join. So, hurry up and join those courses now!


Also, from those non-profit online learning platforms, with more than 1000 courses to join. If you have the desire to learn, Coursera offers various courses and classes to students from a number of renowned universities and if you pay for the courses, you get a nifty certificate as well!

Being called the best in online education, you will love to learn to code and improve your skills to a higher base with Coursera.

What’s next?

Well, this question depends on how much do YOU want to learn ahead. If you want to turntables and want to be among the best programmers in the world, then it is up to you.



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