How to Generate Audience and Business Friendly Content

In the last section of this Blog we highlighted the honorable content makers who not only managed to attract an audience base but also make their clients happy by developing and multiplying their business with your content.

This is not as easy as it seems also it is a very risky step when it comes to sustaining your audience.

A badly done brand promotion can dilute your audience in the span of a single video – Biswapati Sarkar(Creative Head TVF).

And right fully so, we hate being interrupted by pushy commercials in the middle of our favorite movie don’t we?

So here is a cheat sheet on how to put your audience’s interest in synchronization with your Client’s.

  • Introduce a problem in your video that can only be solved with the introduction of a Product.
  • Always make sure to keep the problem relatable, needless to say movies like interstellar have no scope for product integration if we see the movie on relatable grounds.
  • The very instant of the product introduction should appear a natural Plot Point in the video.
  • The characters/Actors should be designed in a way that they exhibit behavior just like their audience.
  • NEVER! NEVER! Go overboard with the product, the scope of the brand promotion is as big as the script allows.

Implementing the above requires a sound knowledge of the basic principles of screenwriting, once you are well versed with them, you are all set to generate audience and business friendly content.

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