How to Never Compromise on Your Quality Services and Budget

Needless to say Business Development is the toughest battle a Start-up faces especially with a soaring Client budget and a plethora of other factors like the “The perfect Pitch”, “One hell of a proposal”, “Client servicing” and much more.

Through this blog we’ll be discussing about one typical scenario about an aggressive Client who is a firm believer of numbers and statistics.

The only hook in the scenario is that the Client comes with a curse.

The curse of the preconceived notion

So how does one diagnose the client of such a curse? Well it is simple, in today’s competitive market it is not unusual for a Client to have a pool of options to get his work done; this definitely opens a Client’s option and gives them the flexibility to negotiate heavily in terms of Budget. But along with this positive possibility the Client can fall for fake promises that commit to business for a lower price.

This is a typical problem of Piracy where a company offering quality services for a genuine industry price can be overlooked.

Forthcoming steps can be a text book example of how not to fall victim to this so called piracy and also how to exorcise your prospect client of their notion thus sticking by your budget for a quality service.

Mimic the prospect

Always speak in same terms your prospect speaks, align yourself in sync with their tone and the words they often like to hear. Never make the mistake of forcefully rowing the boat against the current.

Be aggressive

At times it is imperative to display positive aggression while negotiation and pitching, it essentially establishes you as a team that takes their work seriously and understands what is best for the client.

Numbers got your back

It’s an old school technique, the same way actions back your commitments in these scenarios sales/numbers, stats will back your negotiation. Though you can always have some scope of manipulation of these stats in your favor but always strictly adhere to business morals and principles.

Show them the real picture

An essential part of exorcising the client’s notion is showing them clear picture and rectifying their belief in the politest but aggressive way.

Don’t try to be the one man army

Almost in all the cases the client’s project is handled by a team that specializes in the same, it always advisable to get the subject matter experts who can help your argument with technicalities. Even if the client doesn’t understand the algorithm it creates an impression of honesty and builds the client agency relationship.

Carefully going through all the aforementioned steps you can safely say that you have given your business heart and soul in the deal and you have all the justified reasons to stick by your budget.

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