How to Trace Your Mails Info through Zapier

One of the challenge that we had was to trace the incoming mails of a company. The mails were orders from their customers and there were multiple Customer Service Representatives(CSR) taking care of it.

All these CSRs had their respective folders in the common mail office 365 account.  Every time  a CSR started to take care of the order he/she placed it in his or her folder and moved it to the completed folder when the order was processed. The managers wanted the orders to be traced, which all orders were processed, which weren’t. How long the orders took to be processed? So a dashboard with all this data was needed

The challenge was to trace all this information from a Office365 account and put it inside the database

To trace everything we used a tool called Zapier. Which is absolutely amazing.



Zapier creates zaps which can trigger tasks or track tasks and link it to other web apps. In our case we linked an office 365 account with a MySQL account.

We made zaps for each folder, so every time a mail entered a folder, it triggered an action to feed data into mysql.


Configuring MySQL can be troublesome. Here are some things which you should do before you’re good to go

  • When connecting a new MySQL account these are the fields you are presented with:


Host The IP address or hostname ( of where your database instance resides. Make sure it is accessible from outside your network. We send out database connections from three IP address, listed here.

Port 3306 is the default, change it if you’re using a non-standard port.

Database Name of the database to read data out of.

Username Username with access to the database. We recommend creating a brand new Zapier-specific user with highly limited permission scope.

Password Similar to the username, make this a unique strong password (check out

SSL Cert, Key, CA These are fields you can use if you’d like to use MySQL certificate authorization instead of username/password authorization.

  • open up your firewall and add the IPs to your user GRANT permissions.
    • GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON your_database.your_table TO ‘zapier’@’’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘your_password’;
  • Be sure your database isn’t bound to only listening to – commonly you want to bind it to or * or remove that restriction completely. Check your my.conf, postgresql.conf or similar configuration.
  • If you are using Amazon RDS or EC2 for your database, you need to add to your security group.

Once configured, the action from the first step of Office 365 started inserting rows in our mysql table

So every time an order came in inbox it was logged. With all these timings in the database we could easily track the progress of the orders

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