Hustle is the Most Important Word Ever

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When I was growing up in the early 2000’s, hustle was a word attached to hip-hop and music.  A decade later, and the implied meaning of the word could not be any different. What was once associated with ‘gangsta life’ has now changed to represent the brilliant entrepreneur working against all odds to change the world.

At Dignitas, we’re usually very skeptical about buzzwords. However, this particular one has definitely earned its keep.

Defining ‘Hustle’ is a bit tricky. Here’s a great one we found from Quora, credited to Robert Greene

To find a way to achieve goals by using the full gamut of possible maneuvers and resources and leaving little to chance.”

We’ve put together an infographic with some of the best and most varied hustle stories we’ve ever heard. The title actually comes from the one of the subjects of the infographics themselves: Gary Vaynerchuk, in a typically charged up speech- came up with this little gem.

And we couldn’t agree more.

Hustle is the most important word ever

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