7 Indian Products That Are Using AI Effectively

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Want it or not, artificial intelligence is no more something we can sidestep in our daily lives! In India, the scenario is quite intense. Several startups and established enterprises have embraced AI and made it a part of their product offerings.

AI has not merely enhanced the functionality of products but also has changed how products are manufactured, purchased, and used in India. These AI-powered innovative products and services are improving millions of lives like never before.

AI’s Role in Transforming Product Development

AI’s transformative impact on product development extends beyond mere perception, holding the promise of a profound shift in the dynamics of the Indian market and bolstering economic growth.

Embracing these technological advancements has not only elevated the quality of products but also solidified India’s standing in the global market, driving sustained economic growth. Here’s how Artificial Intelligence is helping Indian tech products transform.

Improved customer experience

AI can be utilized in a variety of ways to enhance the customer experience, such as by making personalized recommendations, swiftly and effectively resolving customer complaints, and offering proactive help.

Increased efficiency

AI has the power to automate tasks, which eradicates the time and effort required for major tasks. It also improves decision-making and detects patterns and trends that would otherwise be difficult to detect. This leads to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Improved decision-making

With the help of AI large amounts of data can be analyzed in seconds. It is AI that helps in detecting patterns and trends in customer behavior that would be otherwise difficult to recognize. This helps to make better decisions regarding a range of topics, including product development, marketing, and customer service.

Reduced costs

Automated tasks imply less human effort, less time taken, fewer human errors, and enhanced productivity. AI has done everything to improve the efficiency of a product. All these benefits surely bring the costs down of manufacturing, marketing, and selling a product.

Utilizing AI Excellence: 7 Noteworthy Indian Products

Certain Indian products not only utilize AI but also underscore its significant advantages in enhancing product features, influencing users, and driving increased sales. Let’s delve into these noteworthy examples.


Haptik is a name that has revolutionized customer support interactions with an AI-powered solution. This conversational AI solution is targeted to incorporate smart chatbots into business websites and applications. These chatbots improve the overall customer care experience through personalized and human-like answers to customer inquiries. Haptik’s chatbots can comprehend user requests, provide relevant information, and even help with financial transactions through machine learning and natural language processing. Thus, businesses can improve their customer relationships by providing high-quality interactions through Haptik’s chatbots.


Designed for farmers, CropIn is an agricultural tech company that uses AI to maximize the yield and profits for the farmers. It uses mainly three AI-powered solutions – CropIn Field Advisor, CropIn Crop Insurance, and CropIn farm management software. CropIn has served farmers in over 100 countries to increase their profitability through their AI-powered solutions. It has also helped farmers restore food security by increasing yields and reducing food waste. It plans to continue with AI-powered solutions to help farmers produce more food along with facing the challenges of this century.


This is an AI-powered skin-care app that uses a computer vision algorithm to analyze users’ skin and recommend treatment accordingly. Its wide popularity is due to the personalized skincare regime it offers to its users. It has been highly acknowledged for its innovative approach to using AI to enhance skin care and hair care. It uses photos of the user’s skin and provides a tailored skincare regime fit for that specific skin type and condition with a high degree of accuracy. Since it has implemented AI, this company has successfully been able to increase its customer satisfaction and consequently sales.


ZestMoney is an AI-driven platform that offers micro-loans and EMI services to its customers without a credit card being involved. It uses AI for underwriting loans, personalizing loans, and detecting fraud. The AI-powered underwriting system uses over 1000 data points to understand a borrower’s creditworthiness allowing it to approve loans for customers who are otherwise not eligible to get a loan from the traditional system.


InMobi is a global mobile advertising company that uses AI to target mobile users and deliver personalized ads to them. It uses AI mainly to personalize ad experiences, optimize ad campaigns, detect and prevent fraud, and improve ad quality. This has helped the company to gather high revenue, increase ROI, and reduce fraud to a great extent. Some of the world’s leading brands such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon use the technology from InMobi.


The health and fitness app HealthifyMe employs artificial intelligence to support users in achieving their health objectives. This app uses various AI-powered features such as personalized meal plans, virtual coaching, behavioral insights, and goal tracking. These features have helped millions of users with the right kind of guidance to achieve their health goals and maintain their overall well-being including reduced stress levels and improved sleep quality. The AI used for HealthifyMe has been a huge success and the app is committed to continue using AI for better features and services.


JioSaavn is a music streaming app that uses AI to improve its user experience. Its AI-powered recommendation engine is designed to use factors like user listening history, liked and disliked songs, and similar taste songs liked by other users, to suggest songs to the users. Further, it uses AI for the personalization of user experience along with AI-powered discovery tools and a search engine. JioSaavn is a popular music streaming app in India that has been praised for its AI-influenced accuracy and personalization by its users.

The Future of AI in India

It can be easily said that the future of AI in India and its products is highly promising. We may expect even more cutting-edge goods and services that are improving the quality, productivity, and ease of our lives as AI continues to advance. AI is anticipated to have a significant impact on several sectors, including:


AI is already being widely used in India to develop new drugs and treatments to diagnose and treat diseases more effectively. In the future, AI is expected to play an even greater role in healthcare, for example by providing personalized care, monitoring patients remotely, and developing new surgical techniques.


With personalized learning, feedback, and grade assignments, AI has defined the education system with a whole new approach. Educational apps and online learning have become a part of India. It is expected that AI will contribute even more to the education system in the near future. This may include new learning materials, virtual instructors, and evaluating student achievement.


From detection, and risk assessment, to detecting opportunities, AI has done it all in the finance sector. It is expected that AI is going to impact even more the finance sector in areas such as investment advice, managing portfolios, and trading stocks and bonds.


Artificial intelligence is also being used to customize product suggestions, offer customer support, and manage inventory levels. It can be predicted that the use of AI in the retail industry will increase in the future impacting the shopping experiences with virtual storefronts, automated checkouts, and others.

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Undoubtedly, the scope for AI in the Indian market is vast. As AI progressively permeates both Indian products and the consumer landscape, we anticipate a surge in innovative products and services that will enhance our lives, fostering convenience, well-being, and productivity.

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