Applying or Already Applied at Dignitas Digital? Please Read The Following

important notice for applicants

After having interviewed more than 1000 candidates, we have come up with the following reasons why your application/candidature might not get you through:

Poor Resume

Please ensure that you follow a consistent, modern format for your resume. We often get resumes in Word-based docs (a strict no-no, always PDF please), which are too generic. If you want to apply for a specific job opening, your resume should be customized for it. Check the grammar carefully along with your hobbies section (surprisingly the trend of “listening to music” never ceases to die!). We do take your hobbies seriously.

Not knowing anything about the company

You want us to hire you, take care of you for the next n years, help you grow, and define a career path for you, but you do not know anything about the company. That becomes a bit disrespectful and we do not appreciate that.

Not a good enough reason to be making a switch

Reasons like, the morning shift does not suit me, or office politics, or being called to the office once or twice a week shows that you are not flexible and not willing to up your own game. These tend to come out as excuses rather than anything else.

Not being prepared

This is the most common reason for rejection. You applied for the job, you confirmed your interview, and after the brief introduction, everything goes downhill. If you are unable to answer any of the questions that are asked, clearly stop waiting for the company’s time in this case. Sometimes when we see that the candidate is trying, then we do give them a rare second chance, but that happens occasionally only.

Not showing up

Happens, quite a lot. The candidate switches off the phone and disappears. Kindly refrain from doing this, as this costs the company time and money.

Asking for ridiculous amounts

Just because your friend got a 100% raise does not mean that you get it too. More often than not, these demands come from people who have not been able to prove themselves in the interview. (PS: Dignitas Digital has hired people giving them 100%+ raises when it has felt that the candidate does deserve it)

Giving your interview in your bed

Yes, this has happened a few times. The candidate was asked to wash his face first! Of course, the candidate did not make it.

Not doing any due diligence

When you are told before time who will be interviewing you, it makes sense to read about them. There is enough information available about the employees of the company including the senior management for you to spend some time on.

Faking it

It’s not that we are networking at an event, if you think that you can fake it to make it, no you are very wrong. At least the tech interviews are extremely specific and will to deep.

Not asking relevant (or no) questions

This is a very important parameter you are judged on. This should that you did some homework, listened carefully during your interactions with the team, and asked good questions. Do not take this lightly.

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