Learn How to Grow Your Online Business at 4x

You are in the B2B digital space, and you are bombarded with ads – mostly videos where a person is screaming his head off, telling you about the huge success he has made in his online business. You get intrigued by it, try to explore it more, and BOOM you are trapped. In the end, you end up paying for some course that you think will turn you into an overnight success.

In the blog post, we explore these gimmicks and the reasons why you should stay away from such programs.

Services businesses do not scale overnight

Scale is an extremely important word, especially with respect to tech startups and their ability to scale overnight from hundreds to a million users. You are not that startup; you need manpower, the right resources, and 100 more factors that do not scale overnight. For you, scaling means adding more people to your business and defining processes. Clearly, this is not something that someone can teach you via an online class.

No 2 businesses are alike

Yes, there could be similar processes and similar profiles of people, but business is all about people. It is usually the owners, and trust me, these courses might be able to give you a rough outline (which you need only if you are starting out) but in the end, it all boils down to how well you know your stuff.

Revealing the secret sauce

There was once a trader who told everyone that he had a strategy to grow money at 10% a month, I asked him can he give me a guarantee in writing on stamp paper, he kept the phone down. If someone has figured out how to make money, would he/she give you the cash cow for free? Some might argue that we live in an open world where the economy is knowledge sharing – really!

The big tech companies own all the data, and as more data gets added onto their platforms they grow exponentially rich, so do not be stupid and fall for that.

What is your 4x?

Topline? Bottom line? The number of projects? The number of resources? The number of leads? The number of deals closed? Your valuation? Your mentions in the press? Awards you won? Awards client won? Satisfaction? Clearly, the definition of 4x (or any x as a matter of fact) depends on the person and the way he runs the business.

Spend your valuable time and money at better places

Money is fine, but in your case, your time is invaluable, therefore try to resist the trap and concentrate on building a new skillset if possible or better relationships with your clients.

If you have been taken for a ride by these “experts”, we’d love to hear your story, and then maybe we can figure out how to grow a business at 4x! You can reach us anytime at contactus@dignitasdigital.com

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