Life in a Digital Agency – Business Development Associate

This is the eighth post of our series “Life in a Digital Agency”. The previous five in the series have covered the role of a content marketer, a graphic designer, a project manager, a SEO Expert, a Chief Technical Officer, a Quality Assurance Engineer, a Digital Marketer and the Technology Team Leader respectively.

If you think Business Development is just a fancy word for sales, I challenge you to sell technology services. You’ll learn the difference in a week!

Here’s how the day in a life of a Business Development Executive of a Digital Agency pans out:

9 am to 10 am:

On days on which I don’t have a meeting in the first half, I head straight to the office, mostly late. I am the one flooding the WhatsApp group with the ‘in-late’ messages on a daily basis.

I realize Fateh and I are last in the race, and we make a desperate dash to the finish line.

10 am to 11 am:

A cup of coffee and quickly finish the daily tasks. Then, one of the best parts of the job- follow-ups with prospective clients! This is also the time I have a quick word with our Philadelphia office. A voice cracks in “Ronit, tujhe madad karni padegi thodi, bohot kaam hai! Mere paas 162 calls hai! At least 50 karde”! (Yeah, that’s Kartikaye but more on him in a separate blog!)

11 am to 12 pm:

By this time, I’m getting responses from my prospects. These responses are usually like “Projects on hold”, “Haven’t heard from the seniors” and so on! Not a single one says – “We have decided to go ahead with the project”.

Welcome to Business Development!

12 pm to 1 pm:

I usually push-off for a meeting. If it’s scheduled in the office, then I start working on some of the proposals or start coordinating with my team members for any release that might be forthcoming.

There is usually some Pre-lunch laziness and some good laughter at the office! We often scratch our heads and try to figure out where to order lunch from. Choices are usually limited to our favorite ‘Chole Bhature’ but from different restaurants!

1 pm to 2 pm:

Usually, by this time, a prospect has called, “Come over and meet me right now”.

At this time, a booming voice also comes from the next room- “Ronit!”

I want one big company each quarter. I want you to do it, no matter how you do it”. And you’re here scratching your head!

2 pm to 3 pm:

Battery rickshaw, metro, prospect’s office! A half an hour wait is definitely on the cards. Finally, you go in and the show begins!

“Your cost is so high!” “The graphics are not so attractive” “Give me a detailed strategy”

Basically, the prospect wants everything that is to be done after we sign the contract before we even talk about it!

3 pm to 4 pm:

You’re trying hard to convince this guy. If he knows what he wants, you’re in heaven. Else, be ready to give a session on “How do I untie the knots for you and get you sales and branding!”

Hope they don’t ask you for numbers! Brace yourself for discussions on cost.

4 pm to 5 pm:

I calm down and have a post-meeting smoke, call my boss or prepare for an email with the subject – “Meeting Notes” and mail body – “????????” – Well whatever that was supposed to happen but did not!

5 pm to 6 pm:

The day can finish any time depending on meetings with prospects. I nurse my sore eyes, hurting legs and smelly feet.



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