Life in a Digital Agency- Digital Marketing Associate

Kickstart at 9 am

I generally start my day by reading all the unread mails in my mailbox to start making a list of unfinished tasks and taking stock of new ones. Therefore prioritizing all my work for the day.

10 am to Lunch:

Post that during this hour I generally start exploring all the social media accounts of my clients and take necessary steps of action wherever required. I further continue to conceptualize on tasks ranging from overall Digital Marketing strategies to particulars like social media and search engine advertising campaigns.

‘THE’ break

Being a slow eater aim to finish my lunch as quickly as possible & then go in for a quick walk to be fully recharged to get back to my desk to begin the second half with equal fervour.

2 pm to 3 pm:

Mostly this could be the time where the post lunch laziness is ready to kick in. However, I avoid it by looking up for a quick good read which is stimulating enough. And , believe me it helps a lot!

3 pm to 5 pm:

This is usually the time where I see the list of my piled up tasks getting built up speedily. And I take hold of it by increasing the speed of my work too. A quick cup of tea usually helps (wait ! green tea please)

5 pm to 6 pm:

As the clock starts to show the real time. I quickly aim to finish all the remaining work that was scheduled for the day. It generally includes a combination of client work and miscellaneous jobs. By this time even as the daily tasks get completed, my mind starts racing towards what’s going to happen the next day. I put these thoughts on a piece of paper in the form of my to-do list for the next day. This keeps me going!

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