Life in a Digital Agency- Graphic Designing Associate

Hi, I am a newbie here so there might not be much to say. But from what I have seen so far, at Dignitas, it’s never less. My day is usually not as busy as that of the team lead but I have found a good platform to learn and implement my skills.

I take care of all the social media posts, e-mailers and banners that go up on our clients’ websites and digital handles. So you might already be seeing a lot of my creative graphics as you scroll through twitter and facebook without knowing where it’s coming from.

My day usually starts at 9 am with checking my mails as everyone does. Until the stand-up meeting, I don’t have a lot of work coming in. Then begins a series of mails where I have to deliver graphics throughout the day. For somebody who’s not from a creative background this may seem monotonous, but to me it’s like scuba diving with sharks – a tremendous rush. To create engaging and eye-catching designs while remaining within a limited set of rules is indeed like walking a tight rope over the Grand Canyon. To see colors and content blend with each other into something absolutely striking is ecstatic.

While I receive design briefs from my colleagues, new ideas pop up in my mind. I quickly jot them down and share it with the team. After a healthy discussion, we agree on what to prepare. It’s amazing to see how the entire team is very welcoming of new ideas.

The work here is incredibly fast-paced, the dynamics of which always keeps me on my toes. Post lunch is when I relax a bit as the scheduled posts for the day have been taken care of. So I start working on the tasks that are important, however not urgent. And it is honestly the best part of the day, because that is when I can let my creativity flow without the fear of unreasonable deadlines.

As I see the beautiful outcome of the entire day spent ideating and creating engaging graphics, I also see the clock striking six. Reluctantly, I turn off my professional creativity switch and head home for some leisure activities and warm meal. Rest and relaxation rejuvenates the mind and I gear up for the next day with freshness and vigor, brimming with new ideas that I would love to bring forth into this world.

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