Life in a Digital Agency- Project Manager

As a project manager, one of my major tasks is to maintain a happy client relationship. However, before that, I have to work towards keeping my team happy! We keep the team happy and they in turn keep the clients happy.

While the following provides a glimpse of my daily routine, a lot of these different tasks described here overlap during the rest of the hours as well.

8.30 am to 9 am

I’m always the first one to enter the office. I take the initial half an hour to settle down, check my emails, and complete some small pressing tasks if possible. This is also the time I have breakfast (incase I missed it at home, which I usually do).

9 am to 10 am-

I begin looking at the status of the projects currently being carried out, and begin modifying the plan for each accordingly. This is followed by preparing a priority list for the day. This is also the time when I greet the rest of the team that has started to come in.

10 am 11 am

I apprise my team members of the various tasks I need them to complete for the day. The rest of the hour varies depending upon pressing needs. I either begin working with a team member on something or I complete a task myself.

11 am to 12 pm –

This is my fruit time! Otherwise, this hour continues in the same vein as the previous one.

12 pm to 1 pm

By this time, I make sure everybody is absolutely clear about what the client requirements are. I also monitor the progress for the rest of the day.

1 pm to 2 pm

Lunch Time! The office gets together and we pull each other’s legs. Often, we go ahead and decide to have sweets after lunch.

2 pm to 3 pm

Usually the time when the rest of my team begins mentioning their concerns like “This can’t be done! Convey this to the client. This is not recommended! Etc. etc. ‘’

Again, this happens throughout the day, but the frequency is the highest during the post lunch hour .

3 pm to 4 pm

I usually schedule and prepare updates for client meetings- a lot of which take place in the evening owing to the time difference between India and the US! I complete the rest of my tasks before these meetings.

4 pm to 5 pm

This is the time when I start hurrying up my team, asking them to complete the tasks so that I can leave the office in time too!

5 pm to 5.30 pm-

This is the time to string everything together!  I rush for the bus, in order to reach home on time. However, the day’s work is often not over, as client meetings remain pending by this time too!

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