Life in a Digital Agency- Quality Assurance Engineer

This is the sixth post of our series “Life in a Digital Agency”. The previous five in the series have covered the role of a content marketer, a graphic designer, a project manager, a SEO Expert, and the Chief Technical Officer respectively.

Rishi, our boss and CTO, once told me that all the developers and especially him should get a jolt of fear every time they see an email from me! That truly, is the job of a tester in a nutshell.

Here’s how that translates into a day-to-day routine:

9 am to 10 am-

I make sure that all developers are aware of the bugs that I found yesterday and begin creating a task list for the rest of the day.

10 am to 11 am-

I begin working on testing a project extensively

11 am to 12 pm-

By this time, usually one of the projects is about to go live. I complete a test report and make sure the project manager is aware of the same.

12 pm to 1 pm-

This is usually a time when I’m sitting with one of the developers to fix some of the bugs that have arisen.

1 pm to 2 pm-

Lunch-time! This is also usually the time when I begin realizing which bugs will go unfixed for the rest of the day

2 pm to 3 pm-

I begin regression testing in some of the older projects! This is also the time I realize that developers haven’t fixed some of the bugs correctly, and I would have to go through the pages all over again. Bummer

3 pm to 4 pm-

Again, I sit with one of the developers and explain some of the bugs to them. Usually I see a few glum faces- they realize that they’re not going home on time today!

4 pm to 5pm-

I usually meet with all the project managers and update them about the bugs that I’ve found, and the status of their resolution. I usually get a lot of requests for fresh testing at this time, and I quickly get down to it.

5 pm to 6 pm-

I complete the rest of my tasks and update myself to what’s new in my field.Invariably, a project manager comes with a request for fresh testing. And so the hour goes

6 pm to 7 pm-

I make sure to send a list of all issues to the concerned individuals so that the next morning every programmer that comes to his desk can immediately see what’s in store for him.

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