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This is the seventh post of our series “Life in a Digital Agency”. The previous five in the series have covered the role of a content marketer, a graphic designer, a project manager, a SEO Expert, a Chief Technical Officer, a Quality Assurance Engineer and a Digital Marketer respectively.


I lead the technology team here and believe me whether it’s technology or not, handling a team is never easy. None the less, here’s how my day goes.

9 am to 10 am:

I start the day by killing any mosquitoes that are likely to bother me. I make myself a nice cup of coffee and then settle down into my chair with a nice long sigh as I open my inbox. .

I update myself over any new developments since the previous night (disadvantages of having international clients), identify the list of tasks of the day both for myself and the team, and read a few articles on technology if time permits.

10 am to 11 am:

I conduct the stand-up meeting where the day’s priority tasks are decided. I begin by finishing some of the minor tasks of the day. The shorter a task list, the better you feel.

11 am to 12 pm:

I go on to check any server requirements and make alterations- one of the major tasks for the day.

12 pm to 1 pm:

I try and schedule all my meetings during the later half of this hour, after having made a dent in my task list and striking off  the major tasks. Time for updates to keep me involved for the rest of my time, have a nice cup of tea and start thinking pleasantly about what I’ve been given for lunch today. (Seriously, that’s all my team members think about)

1 pm to 2 pm:

Every day, my colleagues surprise me with a new lunchtime discussion. On good days, the lunchtime banter lasts for a while. On bad days, I have to get back to work immediately.

2 pm to 3 pm:

As lethargy beckons, I use this time to provide support to my teammates. Moving around is a good way of avoiding laziness!

3 pm to 4 pm:

Make another nice cup of coffee, and then track the major tasks of the day.

4 pm to 5 pm :

Working at a furious pace to finish off the day’s tasks and making sure my team is on track too. At about 4.30, I also recheck my email and coordinate any urgent requirements that might have come up during the day.

5 pm to 6 pm :

Tired! The day can end at 6, but it often goes on for much later. I take a short break where I have some snacks. And then time to get back to coding, coding,  and more coding.


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