Life in a Digital Agency – The Multi-functional Guy

In Dignitas, I am the multifunctional guy taking care of various marketing activities and the point of contact for Human Resources and administrative tasks. I have recently donned the hat of an E-Restaurant Consultant as well.

Here is what my daily routine looks like:

9 -10 am :

I Land into office and have some coffee to get the engine running for the day. I write down my daily tasks, set my goals for the day and dive into work!

10- 11 am :

I check if everything is working in office and get the office boy to arrange for the essentials for the day which support us throughout the long working hours that some of the techies might have to witness. If this is not there, then I make sure that I get these things in place. I solve any issues that my team mates face . Once that’s over I get to work and start following up with clients.

11-12 am :

Calls Calls Calls !!! As a consultant for the home-chefs for our new platform Flocally, I solve our partners’  issues, and get the required forms filled by guiding them through the process for the same.

12- 1 pm :

I repeat the same process and answer more and more questions. It’s quite fascinating how people view the same platform differently and also to find out how differentiated they’re in terms of the services provided.

1-2 pm :

Hunger time is here . Time to get to the real food. From thinking and talking about food to actually having it – Surely a much needed power up!

2-3 pm :

Time to get to the Human Resource work, which could include finding some awesome employees to work with us. Interviews usually lead to some interesting conversations!

3- 4 pm :

It is time to have some coffee to recharge the batteries and have a small walk and then get to the marketing part of my work . This might include meeting some clients or just interesting people on around to promote our product, listen to their views and get them excited about the product. If those things are not on my agenda, then this could also include procuring products for one of our brands.

4- 5 pm :

I could be doing any one of the 4 things at this time – Meeting clients , marketing our products , taking care of procurement and purchases or helping our partners with the legal formalities in order to get them started.


5 – 6 pm :

Don’t know how my day flies by. Have done so much and still have so much more to do! I run through all my work and make a list of tasks I want to be taken care of for the next day. Solve any problems my colleagues have at work even as I am all set to leave . Listen to complaints of our office boy , if he has any and make sure the office is all set for the next day.


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