Life in a Digital Agency- We are the Interns!

Till now you’ve been getting to know much about what the different specialists at our agency do. Amidst these creative designers, coding geeks, marketing professionals, product specialists and business development guys, exists a small colony of us – the interns.

While others do what they do, we do tech, we do social media, we do business development, we do content, we do coding, we do data analysis, we do consulting and every other thing under the ambit of a digital agency but most importantly we enjoy doing all this. We’re the jacks of all trades supplementing the masters of these trades around us.

Most of us are here for a period of 2-4 months and have been given our key responsibility areas along with the freedom to experiment with our work and come up with meaningful ideas. While others are in advanced stages of implementing serious stuff, we are opportune enough to both learn and implement these with them.

And this learning for us starts at ten in the morning with our stand-up meeting, where we get to know what’s happening in each of the departments and update the team with our plan-of-action for the day. Post that each of us discuss our work with our respective mentors and get to action.

By the time the lunch break arrives, so do some unique ideas in our mind. This is usually our eureka moment and we get to discuss these ideas with the team over lunch. And believe us, it’s great to see them hear us out and take interest in helping us implement these ideas. That feeling is unmatched.

By the time, lunch gets over, we’re back to working with our respective client products, with whom we’ve become attached to, over a period of time. While the first half involves the learning and ideation part, the second part is more about putting things into action and discussing the results with our mentors.

By evening, we have had intense discussions with our mentors, and all of them in excruciating detail. And from these come up our tasks for the next day, which keep us enthusiastic enough for the next day as well.

While the overall internship programme is very structured, there’s something or the other new coming every minute which doesn’t let us slip into monotony. All in all, it’s a packed day everyday . We don’t feel like interns at all since the immense amount of learning and involvement that we have is at par with the full-time employees. Sometimes we do get to go to the client meetings as well and it’s another experience altogether, let’s reserve those experiences for another day!

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