Top 5 Most Digitally Developed States in India 2023 [Updated]

most developed states in India

While only a few years back transactions were primarily cash-based and digital modes of payments were simply unthinkable, now even people belonging to the lowest income group have a QR code. Since the launch of the Digital India initiative in 2015 by the Indian government, there has been a steep rise in the usage of digital platforms in India. From structuring a well-developed digital infrastructure, increasing the number of high-speed internet access, and making most government processes go digital to bagging the global top spot for 25.5 billion real-time financial transactions in 2020, we can say that India is one of the leading and fastest growing digital economies.

Particularly, some states of India have shown rapid growth and claimed themselves as digital states. Under the Digital India program, these states have made digital empowerment a reality by digitizing most services and providing the best digital infrastructure to the digital start-up ecosystem. Let us know about 5 of these digitally developed states in India.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 digitally developed states in India in 2023:



With Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, as its state capital, Karnataka deserves the first mention in the list of digital states. Bangalore proudly hosts the largest digital start-up ecosystem in the nation and is one of the leading preferences of entrepreneurial locations across the world. It is the primary target location of corporate and multinational companies in India. Bangalore has a wonderous and world-class IT infrastructure and thus is rightfully named the IT capital or IT backbone of India. If we talk about digital development then Karnataka is one state where it is happening month by month due to its digitally ambitious state capital.

Moreover, digitizing land records has been Karnataka’s highest achievement. The manual system of maintaining land records was not only laborious and involved several man-hours but it also made the related processes time-consuming and inefficient. Under the government initiative Bhoomi, the entire system of handling land records was digitized. Karnataka also has been ranked 8th due to its capital in Global Start-up Ecosystem Index.



As they say, “God’s Own Country is Digital Now…” Digital Kerala has added to the digital achievements of the state which is said to be a pioneer in the sector. Kerala was declared the First Digital State of India by the then President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, due to its early initiatives for digital progress. Its key initiatives include,

  • Broadband for all houses,
  • IT for creating jobs,
  • Boosting electronics manufacturing,
  • eDistrict project as part of e-governance,
  • Access to the right for everyone,
  • E-services delivery through e-governance.

According to politician Oommen Chandy, Kerala is the only ‘complete digital state’ with 100 percent mobile density, the highest rate of digital banking, 75 percent e-literacy, and broadband connection spreading to the panchayat level.

Andhra Pradesh

andhra pradesh

The IT Policy 2021-2024 of Andhra Pradesh is all for accolades. It has set new boundaries for the digital development of India and has been observed to contribute largely to the digital economy of the nation. According to the current IT policy of Andhra Pradesh, the state will observe –

  • Offering end-to-end support systems to digital start-ups. The support system includes plug-and-play office space, mentors, access to investors and funds, talent pool, venture capital, and others.
  • Establishment of IT Emerging Technologies Research University in Vishakhapatnam.
  • Application of emerging technologies through the university for the upliftment of the State.
  • Set up digital libraries and workplaces at the gram panchayat level.
  • Availability of prerequisites like printers and scanners, workstations, access to free knowledge databases, and others for enabling the concept of remote working.

The primary motive of this policy is to promote the concept of Digital India all over the nation and generate employment for the mass.



Gujarat has a reputation for being the most industrialized state in India and is a pioneer in handling exports. Apart from its substantial contributions to the national GDP, Gujarat has a major contribution towards Digital India. It is one of the states showing rapid digital growth and has its own start-up policies. Gujarat is the first state to have a digital village. Akodara, a village in Gujarat has become the first digital state of India with the implementation of various cashless transactions through net banking, SMS, or debit cards. It has its own website with more than 50 subscribers of high-speed broadband connectivity across 200-odd households.

Gujarat’s offering of an ‘array of government-to-citizen (G2C) services’ across 67,75,000 rural households is a commendable step through the optic fiber-connected network backbone of BharatNet. It has facilitated numerous start-ups in the sectors of electronics, information technology, and nanotechnology and aims for more. Gujarat government has put a focus on digital initiatives accounting for Rs. 261 crores for ICT education aiming to expose more than 84,000 students from 7th and 8th grades to smart classes.



Successful in bringing home global firms like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Uber, Telangana has been contributing hugely to the digital economy of the nation. The young state has made digital history by taking several digital initiatives from water and fiber to every home, and e-marketplace for the government to create the most secure environment for government initiatives.

Digital Telangana is an ambitious program that has launched 100 e-panchayats run by women. ‘Internet for all’ is one of the primary aims of this initiative and provides 4G internet service to the entire state. From new e-services launched in endowment departments, emphasis on cyber security to computer education from class 6, Digital Telangana is all set to attain every feature of digitized states.


Well, a lot can be said on the debate that why India is still a ‘developing’ nation and not a ‘developed’ one, but let us just say that India is a determined nation with development up on her sleeves. The states mentioned above show us that India has a well-developed digital infrastructure and can be termed a ‘digitally developed’ nation.

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Note: This blog post was updated on March 2023.

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