Top 10 Most Popular Influencer Celebrities in India

Most Popular Influencer Celebrities in India

Influencer Marketing is the hottest marketing strategy in the world right now and Instagram is the top platform that is making it possible. According to reports launched by Convince & Convert, Instagram influencers give 11x more ROI than the regular internet display ads, and thus, influencer marketing is now the preferred marketing strategy for various brands and companies.

For any influencer to be in the top bracket, they must have a great organic engagement with people rather than just a huge number of followers.

Keeping this in mind, here is a list of top Instagram Influencer Celebrities in India from different industries that are going to scale new heights in 2020.

1. Jannat Zubair Rahmani (jannatzubair29)

Jannat is the most influential Indian Instagrammer in the world of Influencers, with an average engagement rate of more than 1 million with every post of hers.  Huawei and OnePlus are some of the top brands that collaborate with her frequently.

Jannat Zubair - Tiktok & Instagram Influencer of 2020

2. Bhuvan Bam (bhuvan.bam22)

Who doesn’t know Bhuvan Bam in this generation? With the unmatched popularity he has in India and the world around him, he has now become a brand ambassador for brands like Beardo and is not just limited to being an influencer.

Bhuvan Bam - Popular Youtube Celebrity in India as of 2020

3. Kritika Khurana (thatbohogirl)

That Boho Girl is one name that resonates with fashion-lovers nowadays in India. Kritika Khurana with her quirky style involving big clunky silver jewelry and mix-and-match outfits has created a certain niche for herself in the industry.

Kritika Khurana (thatbohogirl) - Trending Fashionist on social media as of 2020

4. Sejal Kumar (sejalkumar.1195)

Another household name these days is Sejal Kumar, who is one the best in terms of finding and creating fashionable looks at affordable prices. As a result, she has a huge connection with the middle-class audience on Instagram. Her ability to use the same piece of clothing in various ways is also something that resonates with thousands of followers.

dignitas - sejalkumar

5. Kusha Kapila (kushakapila)

If there’s someone who has been able to connect with the masses with her entertaining videos and humor, then it has to be Kusha Kapila. Her engagement is also something that is honest to its core because of her content hitting the right chord with the audience, leading collaborations across various industries like tech, fashion, and cosmetics.

dignitas - kushakapila

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6. Dolly Singh (dollysingh)

Not too far behind Kusha Kapila is Dolly Singh, who has a similar engagement with her audience. In fact, the two have collaborated with each other to cater to a wider audience. Top cosmetic brands like Nykaa and Olay have collaborated with her many times.

dignitas - dollysingh

7. Savi and Vid (bruised passports)

Savi and Vid form the power couple of travel in India. Various top hotels, travel partners, cosmetic brands and many more labels collaborate with them because of the engagement they inspire from their followers.

dignitas - bruisedpassports

8. Ranveer Allahbadia (beer biceps)

Ranveer Allahbadia is one of the best influencers out there on Instagram covering various topics. Mainly a gym enthusiast and motivational speaker, he is a huge name with frequent collaborations with not just brands but other celebrities as well.

dignitas - beerbiceps

9. Gaurav Taneja (tanjea.gaurav)

If there’s one fitness influencer in India right now who has unparalleled popularity, then it has to be Gaurav Taneja. Youngsters follow him religiously and the reason is simple – he offers honest and accurate content about fitness and life in general.

dignitas - gaurav taneja

10. Karan Dua (dilsefoodie)

The best food blogger and Instagram influencer out there in India is Karan Dua. His forte is to find the best sources of food that may not be that popular and make them popular through his page. This has led to even the top hotels and restaurants collaborating with him as the followers believe his reviews fully.

dignitas - dilsefoodie

We’re sure 2020 will see these top influencers break their records and see greater success. With so many viewers glued to their screens watching their every move, it’d be foolish to expect anything else!

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