10 Podcasts To Listen in 2023 To Become A Better Software Developer

podcasts to become a better software developer

Software development is a never-ending learning process and a journey of constant skill development. There are many ways you can improve your skills as a software developer. One of the best ways is to listen to tech podcasts.

These podcasts are a great way of easily growing your skills without spending much time and effort. They are easily available and you can listen to them at any time of your leisure. The best thing about tech podcasts is that you don’t need to enroll in software development classes as you will get to learn about almost everything in software development just by listening to them.

There are many podcasts to help you become a better software developer. Here are some recommendations for you.

10 Podcasts to Become a Better Software Developer

1. The Changelog

One of the leading tech podcasts, this podcast has been running for 11 years. This podcast is primarily helpful to those who are interested in open-source tech and there are thousands of subscribers wanting to learn about open-source software. Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo are the hosts of the show who have their own online community of techies where several open-source tools are used.

The hosts of the show use the knowledge from the community to give in some tips and advice on open-source software. The podcast has hosted over 400 episodes where you can dive in and find the one fit for your interests or even your own project.

2. SyntaxFM

SyntaxFM is mainly focused on web development needs. It tries to give every aspect of software development including getting the latest info on web development. Scott Tolinski and  Wes Bos are the hosts of this show. They talk about web development and interview some big names in the industry. The episodes are very helpful for software developers where practical solutions are given for future endeavors.

3. Dev Interrupted

Hosted by Dan Lines, COO, and co-founder of LinearB, this podcast is mainly about and for software engineering leaders. It brings in dev leaders from well-known companies like Drata, Stack Overflow, and Atlassian, to discuss various topics from metrics to experiences from developers. It is perfect for those who have a time crunch and are looking for quick tips on software engineering. Each episode of dev Interrupted gives insights into various aspects of software engineering from foster culture to growth metrics.

4. Indie Hackers Podcast

For people who are looking to start their own business in software development, this podcast is one of the best solutions one can get. Coutland Allen is the host of the show and also is an MIT-trained engineer. He founded his own tech venture and started this podcast to interview other founders and spread the knowledge to aspiring techpreneurs. If you looking for tips and tricks on how to start your own tech venture, then this podcast is surely your place to venture out.

5. Software Engineering Radio

Run by IEEE software, a prominent tech magazine published by IEEE Computer Society. This program is for those who want to learn more about software engineering. The podcast aims to impart long-lasting learning to its listeners on software development. Each episode of this program consists of relevant information, fun facts, testimonials, and interviews with software experts and hosts weekly episodes. It covers almost all topics of software engineering.

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6. JS Party

This podcast solely concentrates on JavaScript and is a great aid for a developer working on JavaScript. The JavaScript ecosystem is a vast space where one can feel lost and this is where JS Party comes into play. The show guides JavaScript developers on what exactly it is and how to use the code to its full potential. The JS experts host the show on rotations and talk about everything related to the code, from the best practice to what’s new.

7. CodeNewbie Podcast

CodeNewbie Podcast is a community of people who aims to provide a platform to help out the professionals new to the coding world. Hosted by Saron Yitbarek, CEO and founder of Disco, the weekly episodes observe various coding journeys of people from different walks of life. Since it addresses the newbies in the sector, the podcast is delivered in an easy-to-understand manner to make it approachable for beginners. The beginner-friendly discussions held in this podcast are what makes it popular.

8. Talk Python to Me

Python is a vital programming language for software developers. For those developers who work with Python regularly, this podcast is a go-to point of knowledge. Hosted by Michael Kennedy, a developer himself, he talks with various experts every week to learn more about the coding language. The podcast has already hosted over 300 episodes which can be found in the library. They talk about everything from data science, machine learning, and web development to a lot more from the software world. however, its primary focus always remains on the programming language Python.

9. Masters of Scale

In this podcast, Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, caters to the knowledge of creating a successful business of software development. If you are a techpreneur this podcast might help you to a great extent. Here you will get to listen to the stories of people who started their own businesses in this sector and the way they became successful.

You will learn from software founders, executives, and others. Also, you will learn to disparate between fact and fiction as the host along with the guests of this show discuss and try to break the false theories and concepts that have been within the industry for a long. This podcast is a perfect fit for those who are looking to start a business in software development.

10. 20minJS

20minJS is a critical podcast dedicated to JavaScript learning. Since JavaScript is the primary language in web development, this podcast is very crucial for many software developers. This show is hosted by OpenReplay which is an open-source session replay suite. OpenReplay is a place for developers to study user interaction with various applications. This podcast is a great resource for developers who want to understand user experience with their software, which further will help them to improve their software.


There are a lot more names in the industry, but the above-mentioned are some of the leading ones. Listening to them is quite beneficial for software developers who are new to the industry, trying to upgrade their skills, or looking for guidance in building a software development company.

Through these podcasts, a developer can develop various coding skills and gain knowledge of the different aspects of the software as a business. Moreover, these podcasts are not only informative but also a fun way to learn and worth your time.

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