Programmatic Media Buying Helps Answer the Age-Old Advertising Question

Famous Philadelphian and retailer John Wanamaker once said: “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” This has been the prevailing thought in the advertising industry for decades.  Now, with programmatic media buying, we are closer than ever to answering this question and minimizing advertising waste.

Programmatic buying essentially means media buying is automated through a machine using enormous quantities of data to identify placements based on a very specific audience profile. But you’ll need a digital media agency partner with the programmatic tools and expertise to help navigate the marketplace and steer your investment to the highest ROI. That’s where Domus comes in. Just like programmatic media buying is customized and built for each client’s specific audience profile, Domus is built for the client, which means we provide customized teams of internal and external resources to meet a client’s specific needs to deliver superior results.

Specifically, programmatic buying uses cookie profiling, buying by audience interest, look-a-like modeling and customer message segmentation to hyper-target your media spend in a real-time buying marketplace.  While the buying process is automated, the real work is up to the strategy of humans to set up the system based on each brand’s specific parameters and goals. Once the programmatic buying strategy is established and executed, it needs to be tested and refined, again by humans.

Are you utilizing or considering using programmatic media buying? If so, I’d like to hear about your experience or answer any questions that you might have.


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