Questions to ask when the Client says “I need some more time with this”

Sales people are often incident to a situation where they are posed with a statement such as “I need some more time to think this over”. This usually is treated as the green signal, Sales people usually come up with an answer such as “Okay sure take your time, let us know when you will be free to have a meeting”.

We are not saying that this technique never works; at times the client actually reverts back after talking this over with their associates etc. But mostly this approach adds to the confusion that results in the lead becoming cold.

So what should you do instead in a case like this?

Well, there is a solution; here are 5 questions you can ask instead of acting dumb and saying “sure take your time”.

1) Spell the things that caused your lead to say “I need some time to think this over”.

Your ideal response in such a situation should be:

Well I understand, most of our clients do need time to think things over and we understand that the cost, the way things will be implemented and CPA might be bothering you.

That’s it, you zip it up after this little savior monologue, let the lead choose amongst the things you just listed in your saving argument.

2) Ask for a permission to speak candidly: “I understand that you’re skeptic but can I be frank with you?

Now when you pose such a question, the lead obviously has the ethicality to let you speak your mind, it is here that you can use your powers of observation and can address the pain points of your lead.

3) Get the Reality check: “Okay sir, its time I ask you what am I doing wrong here”

You obviously cannot lose what you don’t have, all you need to do is explore this factor, ask them bluntly but politely what are the things that act as an obstacle to the client. This will clarify your prospect and future with your lead and you will save a lot of time.

4) Ask for the next step: “Well, sir I probably would have told you the same thing, but I don’t want to stop things here, I need you tell you what shall be the next step”

Don’t worry it will not implant a negative image about you, it will establish you as a mature business man.

We sincerely hope that these solutions help you tackle the “I need some more time situation”.

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